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Hello! I was introduced to Sanderson just over a year ago and recently wrapped up all of the Cosmere books... Jeesh. I've tended to read more sci-fi but I'm very excited to explore more fantasy now.

I kept myself from reading much here for fear of spoilers until I finished Words of Radiance and I've been devouring posts since. Thank you all for building such a great community!

I recently started listening to the Shardcast and have enjoyed geeking out with those guys... :-)

A favorite Cosmere book is hard to pick... Is it a cop-out to say Oathbringer at this point? Either that or Hero of the Ages. 

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Welcome to the Shard. Have a cookie and an upvote. @Fully_Invested

For initiation would you say, "My life to yours, my Breath become yours".

This is the heaven for Sanderson fans, OB is my favorite.

If you are interested in Hemalurgy or RP come to the guilds forum.


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@ArcherSolid question. I'm trying to think of some way a ride could recreate "flying" via steel pushing - I'm envisioning dangling from a moving roller-coaster thing on a bungie-chord system...

Another idea would be a horror-fun-house playing on the Island of Patji, with the ability to see gruesome possibilities. That'd be intense, right?

What have been your favorite replies to that question?

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