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Rick Estabrook

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Regarding the Stormlight Archinve:

A second reading of The Way of Kings and Words of Radiance in preparation for diving into Oathbringer, I was brought to tears while listening, (to Michael Kramer and Kate Redding narrating) again by this magnificent story.   I'm a lifelong fan of Fantasy Adventure, beginning when I was about 15 with (of course) The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. I was never brought to tears by JRR Tolkien. The Wheel of Time brought  me to tears in several places, both by Robert Jordan in the bulk of the story, and by Brandon Sanderson's participation finishing that incredible, magnificent story.  I started reading the Wheel of time in 1990 and waited 23 years to hear the ending, and Brandon really delivered the goods with the final 3 books.  That was my introduction to this author's work..

Thank you Brandon, for your stories.

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Brandon is a master of hitting you with dozens of realizations and plot developments right at the very end that you didn't see coming but probably should have because of all the foreshadowing. It can be emotional, I agree. I like how casual you are when you mention rereading books the size of toasters. ^_^ I'm curious, which did you like better, the R Jordan books or the B Sanderson WoTs? 

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In answer to Mistspren: The Stormlight Archive is the only Sanderson series I've been reading so far, but I intend to work on the others.  Shallan is my favorite character thus far. One of her moments brought me to tears.  What I find that is really remarkable is that Brandon chucks out volumes even larger than Jordan with this series, and I can't wait to see how it comes out. I am about halfway through Words of Radiance as of today and can't wait to start on Oathbringer, but I want to refresh the whole story so far before diving into that one, Audible lists it as 55 hours, longer than any of the Wheel of Time volumes.. Whoo hoo!

Answer to Archer: Over the 23 years it took to complete the wheel of Time, like Brandon said he had done in one of the Prefaces, I would re-read the entire series up to the current book, each time a new book came out, so going through big volumes is a thing with me.. really, the only way to accomplish it is via the audiobooks, one of the greatest innovations to happen with technology for readers. As for choosing the author I like better between Jordan and Sanderson, at least in regard to The Wheel of Time, I cannot choose, to me, it was almost as if Jordan had come back to life to complete the story, though Sanderson's style came through clearly in the final 3 books.  Sanderson may have actually done better character development with Mat Cauthon, and perhaps Egwene Al'Vere  than Jordan did, but I don't want to commit blasphemy here with any disparagement of Jordan, since he created the characters, and the story.

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