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The Bromance[spoilers]

Nero Vance

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I know that there is a lot of plot stuff to discuss, mysteries to unravel and things to theorize on--but can I just take a minute to say how fun the Kaladin and Adolin bromance was to read? I just loved how it was basically the perfect 80s movie. First they hated each other, then they both slowly came to respect each other.

It's especially nice because for all their achievements, both had no real close friends up until they met each other. Adolin has that moment when he realizes his one supposed friend wasn't as close as he thought, and Jakamav ends up betraying him pretty badly. Then Kaladin makes a point that the Bridge Four crew idolizes him more than treats him as a friend, aside from Moash. Then Moash betrayed him too.

For all the pretty words from the people surrounding the two, the only ones that they could trust were, ironically, the guy who they kept fighting with.

I know, I know, they'll likely end up fighting and having a fallout due to either Adolin's Punisher tendencies or Shallan--but until then, let's appreciate the bromance. By the end of the book, I could almost hear the Top Gun theme playing in my head. And then my playlist just happened to coincide with "Highway to the danger zone" when Kaladin had his final duel with Szeth, but that's beside the point!

Point is, it was great to see it, and damnation, Kaladin needed a friend.

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Love your post and completely agree. I wanted to give Adolin a pat on the back at that "See, I KNEW there was something wrong about him" moment.


And while I read your post I just realized that Kaladin pretty much had the same arch with Shallan - just with a little bit more hugging...

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Well, to be honest, I love me a good bromance. By the time Shallan scolded Kaladin for being rude to Adolin my reaction was: "Don`t be silly Shallan, this is how he shows his affection for him."

Of course, this makes the building conflicts, from all that happend at the end, between the two just even more unnerving. But for now I´m just gonna be happy and squealy when I think about these two.

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