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Brandon BYU signing -- March 4, 2014


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I asked Brandon a question or two about Shadesmar and Elantris. Ben McSweeney and Isaac Stewart were also present.


So, I don't actually own a hardcover copy of The Way of Kings, but I did notice when looking at one that there's a map of Shadesmar... And that the map shows that Shadesmar geography is precisely aligned with Roshar's geography... So I'm just going to assume that other planets we've visited so far also have realms of Shadesmar that are aligned geographically.


That's very clever of you! (smiles) Very clever...


So I guess my follow-up question is: is Elantris a Dawncity?


Hmm. I could see where your reasoning could come to that conclusion, but no. No, that's not it. But your earlier extrapolations are in the right direction.

Ben, Isaac:

Yeah, you're in the right direction.

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Hmm. I wonder if this is new information or just the old "Shadesmar reflects the places in the physical realm where there are cognitive aspects (matter, in other words), so its geography will mostly match that of the physical realm, at least on the broader scale."

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That's sort of the message I got. During the Words of Radiance Q&A, Brandon explained Isaak's influence on map creation, and he said that it depends. Scadrial's maps were apparently mostly Isaak's invention, but for Roshar, he explained, there were some very specific dimensions and elements that had to be included.

I figured that meant that the correlation between the Roshar/Shadesmar inversion was no accident, which led me to believe that other Shardworlds had the same thing going for them... You get the picture.

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