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[Full Book Spoilers] Fulfilled Death Rattles


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“They come from the pit, two dead men, a heart in their hands, and I know that I have seen true glory.”


This one's from TWoK. Chapter 75 of WoR has the title "True Glory". It's the chapter where Kaladin and Shallan, presumed dead, come out of the chasms with a gemheart.


Anyone find any other fulfilled Death Rattles in WoR?

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This obviously is referring to Kaladin standing against Moash to protect Elhokar. 

"All is withdrawn for me" -- Kaladin's powers are gone

"I stand against the one who saved my life" -- Moash saved Kaladin on at least one occasion in tWoK, when he stopped him from running to Dunny

"I protect the one who killed my promises" -- Elhokar. There is a chapter titled "The One Who Killed Promises". In this chapter Kaladin finds out that Elhokar is the one responsible for Roshone being in Hearthstone

"I raise my hand. The Storm responds" -- Kaladin stretches his hand out at Syl's command, and he goes Super Radiant level 3


Finally :)

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Also I'd like to note that the Diagram epigraph from chapter 82 implies that all the Rattles are precognitive in nature, as opposed to the chance that some of them were from the past or the like.


EDIT: Actually, it's not definite. It could just mean that, among the other things Moelach's touch provides, precognition (the most important thing for super!Taravangian) is one.

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