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Theory about nightwatcher bonding [OB]

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First off, at the end of Oathbringer does Szeth bond a spren? I don't think he does.

Second, i think that a Shin with bond the Nightwatcher. It is mentioned in the book that the Shin kinda worship or worshiped Cultivation, and since the Nightwatcher is a "peice" of Cultivation. It would also serve as a way to bring the Shin more into the story.

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If he did, it was off-screen


... but given the next time we see him he is flying through the sky, he has certainly somehow regained access to one or more surges which relates to a nahel bond of some kind (one assumes to the spren relevant for a Skybreaker, although we have no confirmation of this, as you said)

If he truly has properly bonded a spren, does this mean we could actually see Szeth dual-wielding a spren Shardblade and Nightblood ?!  SA#4 cannot arrive fast enough!

As to the Nightwatcher, it seems it is likely we will see another Bondsmith appear in a later story and we can only speculate that such a person would bond with a godspreen such as the Nightwatcher. Given there can be 3 (and only 3) Bondsmiths, it will be interesting to see how the third bondsmith comes about and what entity will be bonded with as a result.


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Please put [OB] in the thread title and put any OB information behind spoiler tags.


Yes, Szeth bonds a highspren after the battle.


“The law is made by men, so it is not perfect either. It is not perfection we seek, for perfection is impossible. It is instead consistency. You have said the Words?”

“Not yet. I swear to follow the will of Dalinar Kholin. This is my oath.” At the Words, snow crystallized around him in the air, then fluttered down. He felt a surge of something. Approval? From the hidden spren who only rarely showed itself to him, even still.

“I believe that your Words have been accepted. Have you chosen your quest for the next Ideal?”



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