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Eyes, hands, spheres



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This is not a theory, rather a loose collection of random questions and observations, posted in hope that they may inspire someone to discover something. This post is inspired by Hoid's quote. He rarely says anything unimportant. Maybe I will post more things like that - not everything I want to say is big enough to deserve it's own topic.


Are the mirror of the soul --- in case of chasmfiends seem to be a mirror of the heart - having the same color as the gem. In humans their colors seem to mach the gemstones, too.

They're either light or dark, never in between - Hoid is mentioned as strange having light eyes, but not very light. Binding with a Shardblade possibly makes them light - but for Szeth it works only while using it. Knights Radiant had very light, glowing eyes (possible origin of "light eyes=noble"?), but Talanel has dark brown.

Eyes of a person killed with a Shardblade burn and turn black. Quite the opposite of glowing with light. Maybe because they're disconnected from the soul?

And there are, obviously, two of them. Symmetrical. Which makes them kind of important.


Two of them, also. ;)

Safehand and Freehand - why break the symmetry? It's supposed to be a good thing, after all. (And Lopen, also. ;) And Gaz with eyes. Coincidence, probably...)

10 fingers... 5+5... 5+5 Heralds, sorted by their gender. On both diagrams a Herald's symbol is connected with it's opposite. Similar essences: breath and blood, smoke and liquid, fire and metal, crystal and stone, plants and animals (I admit, I tweaked the list, but just a little).


Why don't they just use the gems? Why put them in glass spheres, strangely similar to the ones in Shadesmar?

What is the dark sphere that Took stole from the Nightwatcher, and gave Gavilar back in time... ok, not exactly like that. But Gavilar got it from somewhere (Jasnah? Shadesmar?) and Took got the idea from somewhere.

Gems... gemhearts... Voidbringers were said to hold the Stormlight perfectly. Having gemheart would help with that. And the Parshendi seem to be biologically closer to Roshar's weird wildlife than to humans. Carpace, singing in multiple voices at once...

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Why don't they just use the gems? Why put them in glass spheres, strangely similar to the ones in Shadesmar?

For the same reason that people used to smash gold into roughly circular pieces and put symbols on it? Basically, if you don't do something to make money easily distinguishable, everyone has to be an expert money changer to use it. Testing the value of gold/a gemstone is hard, and requires specialized tools and training. By forming the precious material into something easily recognizable, you make it possible for common people to use it as money.

Why spheres, and not some other configuration? It's possible that it's got something to do with Shadesmar, but it's equally likely because of Stormlight. A clear glass sphere is the most efficient way to disperse light while covering the gem.

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