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Hello other Sanderson mega-fans! I'd like to join your ranks if that's alright with you! :)


I am a long-time reader of the Wheel of Time series and fell in love with and subsequently read (and reread) all of Brandon's material! I have been doing the reread of Wheel of Time and was hoping they would start doing rereads of Mistborn.


I've also been following all the hype over on Tor.com in The Stormlight Archive and have been doing the reread of Way of Kings. It's madness over there, I tell you. Pure madness. But I need more!


Can't wait for Words of Radiance to be released!

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Welcome! What counts as 'all of Brandon's material'? Just the novels, or the short stories too? What about the online material?

Also. How much do you know about the Cosmere?


All of the novels, some short stories, followed all of the rereads done on Tor and the comment threads on those, and the spoiler threads.


As for the Cosmere - I think I could learn more. I know some characters travel through Brandon's books/series like Hoid. Definitely interested in learning more about this! That's why I'm here! :)

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