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did sazed ever manage to bring the crew back to life ?


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I will not answer to your actual question, I will simply explain you how the death works in the Cosmere and then you could find your answers.

When someone dies, his three aspects (physical, Cognitive and Spiritual) began to be severed by each other. this guy has a relative small timeframe (we are talking of seconds/minutes) where he pops up in the Cognitive Realms. This timeframe will last longer for people with powers but not too much.

After this timeframe is over, the Mind&Soul are completelly severed by the Physical and when this happens a pull the dead feel from his first istant loses his opponent and the Mind&Soul will continue their travel to the Realms...reaching the Beyond.

The Beyond is (as the name suggests) a location beyond the three Realms and even the Shards (or at least Sazed) are unable to reach it.


This will not answer to your question, but at least it will give you the bases to think about your question in the rightful way

EDIT: I didn't notice this was your first post on the Shard. Welcome :)

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36 minutes ago, Zape said:

so not most of them but there is a chance aland or vin survived seeing how we dont know how much time passed 

anyway thanks for the answer

yata gave you the correct mechanics, and from those you correctly inferred that clubs or dox were gone in the beyond well before sazed could do anything about them.

As for elend and vin, it is possible that sazed has brought them back, but did he want to, or did he saw reasons not to? and would they want to come back, or would they rather enjoy their rest?

I won't tell you the answers to those questions, but I tell you that they HAVE been answered. The answers are in mistborn: secret history, which details some events that were happening in the cognitive realm and that strongly influenced the story. I don't want to spoil, suffice to say that there is a reason marsh managed to gain control from ruin at exactly the right time to remove vin's spike, when he had always failed before. you should read the new trilogy first, though, as it contains some minor spoilers for that one too (although, as it reveals some of those answers, you could say that it was the new trilogy that contains spoilers for secret history).

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