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  1. What would happen if you connected two spanreeds set both to either send or receive mode and then wrote something?
  2. we do not understand the oathgates because of that we cannot make any assumptions on what will or will not activate them
  3. that is like saying "i know how a gun works you point and pull the trigger" just because you have a rudimentary understanding of how a thing functions sort of does not mean that its impossible for it to function differently from how you expect take azure's or szeth's blade for instance will they work ?
  4. that's a really good explanation also yeah i am fairly certain he is going to ascend first of all i meant that that its considered impossible to open one without a blade second of all it is purely anecdotal we don't have any clue about how the oathgates work and have no reason to assume only a blade can open them
  5. i wanted to make a point that just because something is considered impossible does not mean that it is further more the only actual evidence we have towards oathgates requiring shardblades is completely anicdotal
  6. @Calderis just like the gate cannot transport people between the physical realm and shadmeser ?
  7. well i mean while the whole conduit thing was sudden but it was explained and well established the gate thing was like three lines also yeah Dalinar is totally going to go full vin its just described as a white thing and the stormfather's reaction is very much open to interpretation i personally think he was either insulted or wakened due to Dalinar breaking his oath not because of the thing
  8. i don't think they were forced but either way were talking about radiant spern
  9. it seems rather unlikely for brandon to introduce this huge concept in such an ambiguous way
  10. wait since when can people force their spern to do things ?
  11. i think he's more insulted then hurt and i thought he only broke enough to pull power from the spiritual realm after his confrontation with odium
  12. Just wondering what that was since the stormfather said he will not be used a shardblade
  13. @Scion of the Mists well i have finished oathbringer and i think it just reaffirms my point
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