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Things signed in Oathbringer books


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Hey all,

I know like many of us, you ask for various things signed in your books that are cosmere questions. For Oathbringer, let's keep things centralized in one place (if only for ease of Arcanists inputting things into Arcanum). 

Please take a picture of the signed quote and the original question (usually on the invoice)

No Oathbringer spoilers are allowed here, but if you ask an OB question, mark it in spoiler tags.

Edit: This is for books that were not signed at an event. If your book was signed during an event please post it in the relevant event thread.

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I had asked for the Intent of the Shard beyond the the 10 (11 counting Harmony) that we knew.

Answer: "RAFO, Sorry not yet..." 

*Context, I have gotten several personalized books so I think he recognizes my name and I had asked the exact same question after Arcanum Unbounded came out and he said "RAFO, I'll give you one another time".

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I'll add a picture later.
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Mine finally arrived, and I got an RAFO!


My questions was: If Lift went to Scadrial and got a Connection medallion, would she be able to access Allomancy if she swallowed metal?


Which is not too far-fetched, as she has tried to eat a fair number of non-food items before.

And I got a nice big RAFO for that question.


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