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I've been playing for years, so any games against me will be really one-sided. I'll definitely play some games when any non-deckbuilding tavern brawls come around, and then what I can do to help you accelerate is save my "Challenge a friend" quests for you because it gives both of us a reward when I complete it. Granted they don't show up very often. It's not much but every little thing helps when you're FTP. Otherwise, we can start playing some games when the new set rolls around and I'll build decks only using new cards, as that will give us more of an even playing field at the beginning until you can build a card base or the meta resets next year.

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Count me in, whenever you play next time Masterjack. I like to play Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. As well, I usually play online with friends and family mostly on the weekends using some reference over the internet. My gaming list would be from Darks Souls, Battlefield, Forza Motorsport 7, etc. Check out my collection of gaming consoles.



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