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Feelings on Apocalypse Guard News


Feelings on Apocalypse Guard news  

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  1. 1. How do you feel about the news about the Apocalypse Guard being paused and Brandon now working on other projects?

    • Great. I did not like The Reckoners books and this looks like more of the same.
    • Good. Reckoners were alright, but I enjoy his other projects more
    • I don't feel anything about the news either way.
    • Bad. I kind of looking forward to these
    • Devastated
    • Some other reaction not listed

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34 minutes ago, StormingTexan said:

My vote was good. I want Brandon to do whatever he needs to do to keep writing great stories although I’ll always lean towards his Cosmere fantasies because I think he will eventually be known as the greatest fantasy writer of all time. 

It will hard to beat Tolkien for greatest fantasy writer. I, personally, feel that some authors have passed him, but he has a almost godlike reputation among fantasy readers that it will be pratically impossible for the general opinion to sway.

I think almost all of us want what is best for Brandon and either like or at the very least are understanding about the side projects that he likes to work on. Apologies if my poll q and a suggested otherwise.

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Because I'm relatively new to Sanderson, I haven't read Reckoners yet. Which means, I wasn't that excited for Apocalypse Guard and my feelings are quite neutral.

If it means getting Wax & Wayne 4 a bit earlier, that'd be great. (If not...I think I've still got enough Sanderson to read ;) )

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I want Lost Metal too but I really do want Azlantian but I won't cry myself to sleep if Lost Metal comes out first. The only books of Brandon's I listened too that I was ambivolent about about after were the legion books and I downloaded them because they were free. Sixth of the Dusk also didn't do much for me and I got Shadows Beneath on graphicaudio because of it. I ended up liking the other three stories much better and all Brandon's other books I really liked.

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2 hours ago, Dahak said:

If it isn't working it isn't working.

It isn't like I'm not going to read everything he publishes so I'm in favour of him only publishing things he thinks are quality.

I feel bad about this news precisely because this will not be published (except maybe as a "Prime" version on the site 10 years later), so it's like we losed
a book. The mystery project will delay anything else.

This would only be good news for those of us who prefer Cosmere to YA if the mystery project was a standalone (big if knowing Brandon) AND the AG trilogy
was shelved for a while (which I think won't happen due to contract/publisher reasons).

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