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Was Glimpse 11 about Renarin or Adolin?


The Fate of Adolin or Renarin.  

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  1. 1. Well Dalinar is going to be holding his son under a fractured sky. Who will it be?

  2. 2. Why is Dalinar's son in this sitiuation.

    • He just did something really awesome and he fainted from fatigue.
    • He lost a duel.
    • He was attacked by an assassin.
  3. 3. What was is fate?

    • He'll live. He has to. Pretty please, Brandon.
    • He's as dead as a doornail.

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Here is Glimpse 11 again.



Dalinar knelt beneath a fracturing sky, holding his son.


So much information and yet so little in just one sentence. There has been a lot of discussion about this Glimpse, so I thought a pole of public opinion on it would be fun.


Which son shall lay in Dalinar's arms?


What happened to him?


And what is his fate?


What do you think?

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I am voting for Renarin.


<MASSIVE SPECULATION>I am guessing it is when the Parshendi's summoned highstorm strikes. Dalinar and every soldier with him, as they're deep in Parshendi territory, is incapable of withstanding it and they have no shelter.


Renarin, a Bondsmith, has the Pressure Surge though, and will be the lone survivor. He will use his powers to shield him from the wind and debris. Thus he rises, born in blood and death, and resolves to carry out his father's mission and rebuild what was destroyed.</MASSIVE SPECULATION>

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I'll be the mood killer, I think it's Adolin that's going to fall and I think it's permanent.


I think Dalinar, for this book, going to stay alive he's too important to the situation (the war,visions,KR).

Renarin will get his own spren partner in this book or next so the potential of him being part of the new KR order in the future is high, there is a lot of room for him to grow with his blood weakness, new shardplate and shardblade(which his brother gave him, another thing to make him gloomy after Adolin death).

and let's face it, all of Kaholin family surviving till the end, all of them with powers, it's just too easy.

now why Adolin? he's the backbone of the Adolin family, he got the thrill, he's impulsive and somewhat arrogant. if he's going to hit the bucket many changes are going to happen to his family - Dalinar going to force his way to end the war, and Renarin will finally leave his brother's shadow and get himself known for his brilliance.


so there you go folks, my reasoning.

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This is my wild speculation from the Glimpse's thread fleshed out a bit.


So the Parshendi have summoned a highstorm in stormform and are attacking the camps. The Alethi are taking heavy losses and Dalinars life is in danger, but Kaladin isn't there to protect him. Renarin sees this and rushes in to protect his father, revealing that he's a Skybreaker.


He then say's his second ideal then uses his power to Break the Parshendi storm, but in doing so he uses up too much stormlight too quickly and falls in exhaustion. But Dalinar catches him then kneels to lower him to the ground, then holds him. Renarin lives and his actions save the Alethi by turning the battle around in their favor.  


I think the fractured sky is how it looks after he's broken the storm.

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Happy version: This is about Renarin. He just broke the sky with his Skybreaker powers, then decided he was tired and curls up for a nice little catnap in Dalinar's arms. D'awww.


Sad version: Renarin just died after using his Skybreaker powers to save his family, and Dalinar is holding Adolin in grief and comfort/ to prevent him from slaughtering Renarin's murderers. 


Sad or happy? You take your pick.

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