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This is more of a Brandon question than a Cosmere one, but it still leaves me confused. Brandon uses many different artists in is books. For covers and such, this makes lots of sense because he's just trying to make nice art. For the cannon in-world drawings though, how does that work? Is it random, or does he choose certain artists as real-world counterparts to Cosmere artists? All Shallan's art is done by Ben McSweeney, so is he the real-world Shallan? Will all Shallan's art be done like that?

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Having a dedicated person for Shallan makes sense. Different artists have different styles and for a characters artwork to all be done by the same person creates consistency. 

For the others... Some of them have in world counterparts. Two of the recently released endpapers for Oathbringer are done by Dan Dos Santos, and he was the inspiration for the in world figure Dandos the Oilsworn (note the similarities in the name). For others though... There will be good art and Brandon will use it without creating an in world figure. 

I think it really just comes down to how relevant it is. For a character like Shallan, consistency is key. For Dandos... It's all about how Brandon feels about the artist. I wouldn't be surprised if we see a name of an in world artist somewhere in the Cosmere who's name is similar to Whelan's as he's done a lot of artwork for Brandon. 

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