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Tolkien's Legendarium


Favourite Middle Earth Book?  

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  1. 1. Which of the books in Tolkien's Legendarium is the best?

    • The Silmarillion
    • The Hobbit
    • The Lord of the Rings

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I enjoy the distilled Tolkien-ness of The Hobbit. It truly is a contemporary fairy tale. Something I will happily read to my kid(s). Despite digging hungrily into the Cosmere, and several other equally densely lored universes, I always found Tolkien's prose in the LOTR books to be impossible to parse through. Luckily, his books provided the ultimate opportunity for some of the best movies of all time! Too bad they screwed the Hobbit three ways to Sunday... Storming greedy cremlings...

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Beware, unpopular opinion(s) coming in:

1. I am not that fond of most of Tolkiens books (the descriptions bogs them down) The movies are much, much better in my opinion.

2. Yes, I also like the Hobbit movies (LotR is better though). 

But then I really haven't read Simarillion. I did read Children of Hurin though, and that one was very good. So Children of Hurin ks my pick.

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