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If Sanderson characters had powers not native to their planet

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Hey guys, 

So, I was just sitting here, and I thought; "what if some of Sanderson's characters had powers that weren't from their planet?" Like, what if Waxillium was in the knights radiant? What order would he be in? Or what if David lived on Scandrial? 

So, I'd like to hear your guys' opinions. Just choose any Sanderson character, a planet, and tell me what power you think they'd have!



By the way, I think Wax would definitely be a Skybreaker.

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41 minutes ago, Ammanas said:

Seriously though Galladon would make a good Terrisman.

Glad you pointed that out! In retrospect, Sazed had always reminded me of someone or something, though I never quite knew who (honestly, I forget about Elantris' existance more than I'd like to).

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