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Long way to go for a signed book! Totally worth it.


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Hello everyone,

I have been an avid Brandon Sanderson fan since discovering Mistborn about 7 years ago. Obviously I'm patiently awaiting the release of Oathbringer which cannot come soon enough.

I live in Australia and am very jealous of all Brandon's tweets explaining how many books he has signed in various US airports. So I was particularly happy when I discovered he was coming here recently. I couldn't be in Sydney when he was actually there (I live in Melbourne) but was able to take a trip last weekend and managed to pickup signed HARDBACK copies of TWOK and WOR! I didn't think the Australia market got hardback copies so I am a very happy man indeed.

Will now need to get hold of Oathbringer in the same signed, hardback format..



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@andrewrobins Congrats on the signed hardcovers! As an fyi, I believe international orders for signed copies are generally available for pre-order a few weeks (months?) before the release. Keep an eye out in September and October for posts from Brandon on Facebook/Twitter about where you can order them from.

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Hey, welcome to the Shard! Have an upvote and a spiked delicious cookie!



DISCLAIMER: Side effects include, but are not limited to, hearing voices, gaining supernatural powers, having the sudden urge to kill everyone, and completely losing control over your mind and body. The Dark Alley™ claims no liability for any damage done to/by the eater of this cookie.

Also, nice job with the signed copies! I'm so jealous! Also, sick view.

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Welcome to the forums. Good to see you managed to get the books. I'm in the UK and hoping to go a signing for the Oathbringer release as Brandon will apparently be coming to the UK. Planning on getting a signed Oathbringer and then ordering signed copies of TWoK and WoR from online shop.

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12 hours ago, Shadows4Silence said:

@andrewrobins Welcome to the 17th Shard.

...and that's one heck of a view man! That your apartment or whatnot?


Your humble servant...


Just a hotel for the weekend. I live in Melbourne:)

Thanks for the warm welcome everyone and I'll definitely keep an eye out for signed hardback pre-orders @CaptainRyan .

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That is amazing. A while ago I had a dream that I was at a Sanderson signing. But dramatic twist, it was in the produce section in Walmart! It was really weird. I have some really strange dreams. :P

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