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Hello everyone,

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First it is cool to find a place to talk about these great books. Next  The Reckoners helped me lose 20 pounds.  I got the audio book and I said to myself that I was only going to play it when I was running. The stories were so great I kept running just to see what was going to go down next. 

Fun fact: Did you know that Kangaroos were first found in Scotland but they swam away due to the rainy weather, or so I been told by people in the homeland.-lol-

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Hey, welcome to the Shard! Have an upvote and a cookie for your (true?) interesting factoid!



I'm pretty sure it's not spiked delicious.

Have you read all or most of the Cosmere books? Either way, which one is your favorite?

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So far just the Reckoners books , while looking for a new one to read I found this place. Since it is summer I am looking for some more books to help me keep running.  

Also it seems that since I haven't read the Cosmere stories that is my next stop. Thanks King Cole and Sez.

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I'd say start with the first Mistborn trilogy as well. It's an amazing intro to the Cosmere, and it helps lead you into other stuff. I'd recommend you read Elantris after it, then you can really go from there. White Sand is another good book to read after Mistborn, even if you're not that big into graphic novels.

Also, I started with The Reckoners too! Then I read The Rithmatist, then it was awhile before I finally started venturing into the Cosmere. Trust me, it's gonna be confusing on the site in regards to the books until you've progressed in the Cosmere. But it's so much fun!

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After all that if you are really committed you can read The Wheel of Time. It was written at first by Robert Jordan but he died around book 11... Using jordans story notes Brandon Sanderson wrote the last 3 books spectacularly finishing the series. 

Also on the note of related to but not explicitly Brandon Sanderson, You should try reading the Books: The Powder Mage Trilogy, the author was coached by Brandon Sanderson and it shows in his writing and world building, love that trilogy.

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