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Nightblood's capabilities

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(Disclaimer: Wild Speculation)

This question came to me while looking at the "Why is Nightblood Special" topic. I was wondering whether Nightblood could use other world's investiture/magic systems. Namely, through magic technology such as the fabrials and medallions. He is essentially a living thing, and he (we assume) has a soul, which would make it appear as if he meets all of the requirements to use one (i.e living and have a soul/identity). True, he likely wouldn't be able to use a fabrial due to lack of hands, but a medallion only requires the user to touch the metal rings. 

So would Nightblood be able to use medallions? If so, how would this work with storing certain attributes? 

And, if it is possible for Nightblood to use medallions, what would happen if someone strapped the Bands to him?

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I think the issue is that Nightblood has no Connection to Preservation. An allomancer can do their thing because of that Connection, like a Surgebinder can do their thing through Connection to Honor/Cultivation in the form of a bond with a spren. Combine that with a very recent WoB saying that for Nightblood it makes no difference which metal an allomancer is using to feed him investiture and I think that shows Nightblood simply consumes investiture as food, and the effect of that investiture in the hands of a magic user has no difference.

Even if Nightblood was given Connection to Preservation I feel it wouldn't work but can't rule it out based on what I've read.

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