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This is a sad hour...

Colby Jack

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Until now, we've only had rumors and speculations to go on, but my latest source have just confirmed the inevitable truth: Brightlord Adolin Kholin and Brightness Danlan Morakotha are no longer in an item! And they did not part on good terms!


That's right! It seems that our happy couple is no more!


The exact reason for this break-up is vague, but Brightlord Adolin himself helpfully informed us that  "this one was not his fault" and "things she'd said to her friends...", but refused to elaborate further. On Brightness Danlan's end, all I got was stoney silence and fierce glares. However, by this exchange alone, we can kind of form an idea of what happened. So, someone blabbered too much in the relationship, eh? Well, these things happen. As a highprince's heir, Brightlord Adolin is indeed privy to some important family secrets, but since Brightness Danlan still serve in the Kholin household as one of their primary scribes, it's unlikely that it was anything official.

But if it's not official, then does that mean it's... personal? Now what juicy stuff have she told others that Adolin wanted so desperately to keep a secret? It must be huge! Enough to end a whole meaningful relationship over! What is it? Is it embarrassing? I must know! It must have been awkward! ...But probably not as awkward as being face-to-face on a daily basis with your ex. By and by, great job there, pretty boy! To find out, I've talked to some of her friends, but they all shut me down with the usual "read and find out" so they were no help at all. Unfortunately, it is unlikely that we'll know more until March.

This is a sad hour indeed. As we all know, Brightlord Adolin is not exactly the most loyal lover, but when Brightness Danlan first came into the scene, we all thought thought, "here is a clever and firm woman who can finally tame our favorite womanizer", but apparently, even she has folded like so many others before her. Alas, Brightness Danlan, we had such high hopes for you. Perhaps you'll make a comeback one day, but the odds are not in your favor... Sayonara señorita, we'll miss you!

But don't celebrate yet, ladies. It seems our most eligible bachelor just can't stay still for long. There are already rumors abound that he has since engaged himself to another woman, a foreign lady of high birth. Out of the furnace and into the fire, huh?


Tune in next time when we speculate about this other woman, what role she played in this break-up, and how much we hate her guts! Also, I'll show you how to turn all those excess cat hair into a home-knit sweater!

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From the thread title I thought you were going to reveal that there would be no more preview chapters until WoR is actually out. Now That would have been bad news.


Din't Peter said that there would be no more preview chapters?

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<Shakes his head sadly>  Sometimes I don't understand you guys.  Again, Peter has been upvoted for acknowledging a joke, but the person who upvoted the acknowledgement failed to upvote the joke.  I know that we love Peter's comments and that we like to express that, but seriously!  I have repaired this egregious error.

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Danlan is a woman of the highest standards and Adolin is a blackguard of the highest order who thrives on manipulating innocent damsels only to toss them away when they no longer amuse him. Fie! Fie, I say upon your ill mannered display! Why I have half a mind to give you a sound thrashing. Fortunately for you acts of physical violence are ever so tiring and I will need all of my strength to weave my cats fur into a cardigan.

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