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Glyphs for Profiles

Awesomeness Summoned

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They seem a little less than bright, if that makes sense? But they look pretty great overall.

Yeah, the tint looked fine in Photoshop but when I shrunk them to icon size, the tint ended up being just slightly darker than I intended. I'll probably go back and adjust that sometime.

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If it's not too much trouble, and if you have time, want to do the voidbinding glyphs too?


Are you referring to the glyphs on this?



If so... yeah I could do that at some point. It will take a bit of time though since I'd have to pull the glyph patterns off the chart directly. The coppermind had each of the symbol patterns for the KR orders already so those were easy to put together.


Edit: I've spent a bit of my free time working on some other designs i'll post here in a little while so probably won't get to the voidbinding glyphs for a while.

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So people have options and its easier to identify individuals in the forum by their icons, I made some additional glyph icons. I wasted far more of my day playing around with these than I intended but, hey, wasting time is what Sundays are for.


The first set are the glyphs from the hypothesized Voidbinder chart. We don't know much about them yet, but Swimmingly requested them so here they are.





Glyph One           Glyph Two          Glyph Three         Glyph Four        Glyph Five


Glyph Six             Glyph Seven      Glyph Eight          Glyph Nine        Glyph Ten






And these two sets are what I'm calling the glyph "swag" series.





Windrunner        Skybreaker        Dustbringer        Edgedancer        Palah's Glyph


Lightweaver       Eslecaller           Kalak's Glyph     Stoneward          Ishar's Glyph








Windrunner        Skybreaker        Dustbringer          Edgedancer       Palah's Glyph


Lightweaver       Eslecaller           Kalak's Glyph       Stoneward          Ishar's Glyph



I know there are more glyphs across the cosmere than just Stormlight so I'll probably move into some of the other worlds (probably mistborn) next. That's a project for another day though.


As always, feel free to give critiques or make requests for future designs.

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I thought I'd just mention why I went back to my old symbol. I loved your work, so it wasn't due to me not liking it. I just absolutely could not get used to having a new avatar. I've had this one for over two years at this point, and I'm fairly set in my ways. xD

I'm not offended windy ;) Not trying to strong arm people into using the glyphs. Just a fun side project and my way of giving back to the community if someone doesn't want to take the time to make their own.

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Does each gemstone even have a Surge associated with it?

Each Herald (or order of the KR if you like) is associated with a specific gemstone. I don't think each surge does though


Edit: oh, I see why you asked. Didn't notice that your post said surges on the gemstones instead of the Orders.

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