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Sanderson Elimination: Questions & Answers and Game Meta Discussion


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I've been hoping this would come back. I honestly think now that it has been introduced to the forum, and we've already has a game as a good example of how it works, everything should got a lot more smoothly from here on out.

I am going to go sign up for the next game right now.


Edit: Also this is awesome, cause now since it's 'unbanned' I'll feel more comfortable finishing up the Short Story I've been writing based off the first game, using just the characters and in-game discussion as material, and the events and outcome, of course. It's been shaping up pretty good, I'll try and post it up in the Fanfiction section of the forum when I get more done/clean it up a little bit.

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Very glad this is running again :)


It is nice to have something happening in the RP forum for a change. There are actually a reasonable number of roleplayers on the site but we do most of it on steelministry or the inquisition so this board stays pretty dead.

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What was Rubix's issue with the first one, by the way?

There was a mixture of misunderstandings and poor wordings between a small number of people that snowballed into something more toxic, it was just getting worse when Rubix locked the thread. Hopefully we can avoid that happening again.

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I will be personally taking a close eye on these threads (which I had not done in the previous thread), and I will not tolerate anyone being mean. So you all better keep it nice or you'll have to suffer my wrath :P

EDIT: Also, Windy and Weiry are participating, and they will also be my eyes and ears.

I mean it though. Everyone needs to express goodwill to other players. Sarcastic or other comments that could constitute flaming will be removed with extreme prejudice.

The moment you decide to insult someone personally, you've taken it way too far.

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It had better be a fluffy, cuddly wrath. I bruise easily and I would love to see you have to threaten with puppies and kittens!

Don't threaten with kittens. Threaten with Catquisitors. I'm serious. Put Kurk behind a coinshot, line him up with the target, and give that Allomancer a nicroburst. The adorableness will only compounded by the blood!

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Oh, I'm not worried about you, Meta. You have the ability to hide posts in this forum, so if anything offensive appears or if anything could be construed that way, you hide that post and let me know immediately so things do not snowball. You'll probably see it before I do, even though I'll look closely at these here.

And no, it's less like cuddly wrath and more like the Stormfather's wrath. Like a highstorm wielding a banhammer type of wrath ;)

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