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So those were actually captivityspren!


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So last month for my birthday I ordered two signed books and they just recently arrived.



Question: While imprisoned Kaladin encounters a strange type of spren described as “taut wires crossing before him”. When I first read this I instantly thought of the captivityspren Axies is searching for, so I was surprised when someone asked you about it and you were reported as saying they are not captivityspren. What kind of spren is it then?

Answer: I must have misunderstood. Those were captivityspren.


So it is nice to have this resolved, I always did find that report unsatisfying.

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5 hours ago, Turbonator said:

Do you really want to open that can of worms?

I was actually going for an honest comparison. Other than his more limited notion of "us", I think @DarkJester is kinda right in his comparison of their overt politics. I just also think context is important in politics; you need the right tool for the job.

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Real-world politics are off-topic for this forum (emphasis added):


Discuss The Stormlight Archive here. There will be spoilers for both books in this board, so if you haven't read them both yet, proceed at your own risk.


And from the site rules (emphasis added):


Be polite. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, so you must show others respect. Don't flame (deliberately attacking someone) or troll (making a post that's designed to upset or get a rise out of someone). If a member is flaming you (or is otherwise spamming/trolling), do not respond to them. Please notify a staff member and we will handle it. Conflict is detrimental to the community and will be dealt with extreme prejudice.


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