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Have you seen my spren?


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Hello fellow Sanderson stalke- er, enthusiastic followers!

I'm a long-time fan, first-time poster. Mistborn reignited my waning interest in the fantasy genre way back when it first came out in paperback. The title jumped off the shelf at me and it was the best book purchase I’ve ever made! Since then I’ve been obsessed with his fascinating stories and truly unique worlds. Reading through some old threads about translating the non-English script on various Stormlight book illustrations piqued my interest enough to finally join the forum.

I'm also quite active on LibraryThingAs you can see, I've made it a point to collect everything Sanderson I could get my grubby hands on. (Except Alcatraz; I’m waiting for the 5th volume to come out so I can snatch them up all at once.)

Can't wait to discuss the Cosmere with you all!

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On 22-7-2016 at 2:22 PM, Aerithen said:

Hmmmm... for the welfare of the fandom at large I suppose I'll accept the risk of this experiment.

*madly noms cookies like a certain fuzzy blue puppet, crumbs flying everywhere*

Now your soul belongs to us. How did they taste?

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