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Sky Colors


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I wonder why they are (or were) called "Skycolors." Maybe Darkside has something like the Aurora Borealis, and those same colors are what the people have in their eyes, etc.? The term "Shifting Colors" would work the same - the A.B. is nothing if not shifting.

Also, Khriss sees colors in Kenton's eyes and thinks it's strange because a Daysider wouldn't have Skycolors. But what if they do? What if it's just another fallacy, and no one knows becuse they can only be seen on Darkside? Taldain, at the time of White Sand, seems to be riddles with gaps in knowledge. Come to think of it, that might be a huge motivation for Khriss to solve all.the.riddles, which leads her into the larger Cosmere.

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She doesn't notice anything supernatural about his eyes, just that they're colorful even without Skycolors. Though with one parent from Darkside, it's possible he's got some sDNA for whatever makes Skycolors work... but Khriss wouldn't be able to tell that on Dayside for the same reason her own isn't visible.

On the name, my guess is that the Darksiders observed that their fluorescence happens when they're exposed to the light of their 'dark sun' (because the effect is caused by the ultraviolet radiation) and so they developed the association between the colors and the sky. It sounds like using Skycolors for dramatic effect is common among the nobility a least (Khriss mentions them in connection with balls) which suggests that their architecture favors designs that let in the light from the outside; a completely enclosed structure wouldn't let in the light needed for the Skycolors. So again, probably an association between being outdoors or at least being exposed to light from the sky and the fluorescent effect.

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