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White Sand Volume 1-3 Typos


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  • 2 years later...

I can't imagine there will ever be revisions to the Omnibus, but it feels wrong not to make a note of typos and continuity errors. :D

  • Page 10, Glossary - "A'Kar" should be capitalized as "A'kar" (several other Ars Arcanum pages use the latter, K is only capitalized here it seems)
  • Page 119, big speech bubble from Kenton - "Los'een" should be "Los'seen"
  • Page 143, final paragraph - "influencial" should be "influential"
  • Page 241, line by Jon Acron beginning "Just before Baon came back..." - is missing a quotation mark at the end of the line
  • Page 291, paragraph beginning "I've read about the Dayside phenomenon..." - "After a four hours" should be "After four hours"
  • Page 362, top panel - Kenton says Khriss "once said Dayside was primitive". She did in the original version I believe, but this was removed in the Omnibus. She no longer says anything about Dayside being primitive.
  • Page 408, Aarik in the first panel - "nevermind" should be "never mind" I think.

(still got to do the last 100 pages or so, so likely I'll be back to add one or two more)

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  • 6 months later...


Page 10, Glossary: The Glossary entry for the Rim Kingdoms says "Nations beyond Dayside's northwest mountains" but the map shows the mountains East of Mt. KraeDa.

Ch 2, Page 74: Elorin says "Master Traiben" - should be "Mastrell Traiben"

Not sure if this will count, but:

Pg 206, Ch 7: Header reads "The Lord Admiral's" (no noun) when it was previously named correctly as "Helm's Rest" when Khriss tried to see the Lord Admiral (pg 185, Ch 6)

Imago (or however you reference image mistakes instead): Jon Acron has at least three different versions of facial hair. The Horseshoe Mustahce seems consistent throughout. It is paired with a clean chin (Prologue,1,3,8,12,13,14), Soul Patch (3,4,5,13,14), or goatee (3,4,5,6,7,13) seemingly at random (I would say by-artist, but some artists change it on the same page - such as Ch 14 pg 383 where panels 2 and 3 have a clean chin, but panel 4 has a soul patch).

While not a "typo" perse, I also noticed that one of the best features was that the thought boxes for Kenton, Ais and Khriss each had a distinctive look and color. Except that Khriss' boxes lose that distinctiveness in Part Three. No more "Day ##" tags to help keep the narative timing understandable. No More cursive based thoughts to distinguish from "carryover sentances" or change of POV. For example - Ch 14 pg 382 - N'teese's sentance box is carried over from page 381; while pg 386 has Khriss' thoughts about Acron in the exact same style instead of the style used in parts 1 and 2.

The last "day" entry was Day 61 - Lonzare (ch 12): When Baon walks out.

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