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My Leatherbound Elantris came in!

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2) The metal used on Shardblades for training, is it made out of aluminum?

This question seemed to get the most reaction out of him. He laughed and smiled, and said "that's a very smart question, well done, you're on the right track."

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Eh, in my mind that's not really a confirmation. It certainly lends credence to the theory, but it reeks of a classic Brandon misdirection to me. Perhaps it's unfair of me, but until he says, "There is aluminum in the Shardblade guards," I'm going to remain skeptical.

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That's not the WoB I'm thinking of. It was a personalisation like the one in OP but I can't remember what forum it was posted in or when (only that i'm fairly sure - 99.999999% certain - it was the last few months) and search results aren't getting me anything...I'm not kayana!! O.o >.>

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Here are a couple of WoB regarding potential uses of Aluminum:



Interview: Dec 6th, 2014mail-mi
Is Nightblood's sheath made out of aluminum?
Brandon Sanderson
That is an excellent question that nobody has asked me yet! Um...I will RAFO that.



Interview: Oct 12th, 2015Argent
On Nalthis, can aluminum prevent somebody from Returning? So if you kill somebody with aluminum and leave the weapon in them?
Brandon Sanderson [Long pause]I don't think that's going to be enough. I think that…
Question Different way then?
Brandon Sanderson Yeah there are totally ways. I don’t think that that’s going to be enough. There's a difference between being inert and blocking Investiture, and actually sucking out Investiture. If you stuck Nightblood inside of a corpse; there are certain things… if you had a larkin or whatever sitting there that ingests the Investiture as it was coming in, that would prevent [Returning]. I think with aluminum you would just have somebody that comes alive with a wound, so maybe... But I think it would just heal around [the aluminum] and you'd just have a spike in you, kind of like Hemalurgy—but not like Hemalurgy. It's inert, but you know what I mean.
Question Which suggests you can't actually Awaken aluminum.
Brandon Sanderson No. It's not going to hold a charge.
Kurkistan I assume you can't Forge it, either.
Brandon Sanderson No. In fact the unForgable metal-
Argent Ralkalest?
Brandon Sanderson There's an unForgeable metal mentioned.
Kurkistan Could we call it aluminum if we wanted to?
Brandon Sanderson Let's just say that aluminum through most cultures was considered a mythological metal, and when people could actually find some, they considered it more valuable than gold, in our culture. So just sayin’...



Interview: Oct 12th, 2015Kurkistan
If you're on Threnody and you get withered by a shade, are you better off burning Allomantic aluminum, or tapping Feruchemical gold?
Brandon Sanderson
(lots of laughing) [some clarification on the question]They would both work pretty well. I would say if you burned aluminum, that would kind of have the effect that you are wanting it to have, which is the effect- negating and sucking out, so that’s probably safer. But the gold would work, too.
Kurkistan So would it be fair to describe withering as a kind of cancerous Forging-
Brandon Sanderson Sure.
Kurkistan That just kind of slowly takes over your soul?
Brandon Sanderson Sure. That's legit.



Interview: Oct 9th, 2015Question
Was it a deliberate move on your part to make it so that on Scadrial, people who wear aluminum foil hats are actually safe from mind control?
Brandon Sanderson
Yeah, yeah that was a big inside joke. When I realized it would work, I had to put it in. I’m doing some fun things. The gun thing is another one I’m very fond of.



Interview: Feb 25th, 2016Question
Are the Shardblade practice guards... Are they made of aluminum?
Brandon Sanderson
U-huh! *laughs* Good question! RAFO! But you have an excellent question, you're the first to ask that, and I think you're a very smart person.

Wooo, lots of WoB's. I know there are a few I am forgetting...

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