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Where's Hoid?


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7 minutes ago, Chinsukolo said:

I can't seem to find it but was pretty sure it came out recently that Hoid didn't make it into V1 of the Graphic novel, but is present in V2 (the prose covers all 3 volumes, so this doesn't conflict).

Actually he is only referenced, by Ais



You are releasing a graphic novel version of White Sand, which one is going to be canon to the cosmere, the graphic novel or the novel you originally wrote?


Oh definitely the graphic novel. The book I originally wrote has its problems, and I never released it. The books don’t become canon until I release them. This will be the canon release of White Sand. I don’t think-- If the graphic novel does well we are not going to write novels, I’m going to do the second one as a graphic novel original. That’s just how we are going to do it-- is my plan right now. There are things when we went back to it that we tweaked, for instance Hoid’s appearance in the original novel was only a reference. He was mentioned by, what did I end up calling him, Eis? Ais, I had both names for a while, it was only a reference to one of his old cases, that’s his only appearance. And we’re like “Ehh people are going to expect more now”. So we are writing in a better appearance for him. Stuff like that, I feel Khriss’ character needs better development than the novel had, so we are working on that. Stuff, you know. Things you would do in a major revision.

I don't believe anyone has figured out where the reference is. I certainly couldn't. 

Edit - sorry I read too quickly, I'm not sure about the graphic novel. That reference was to the prose.

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On ‎7‎/‎4‎/‎2017 at 7:13 PM, Chinsukolo said:

Yeah Im still looking for it - also looking for the WoB where he mentioned it would be 3 graphic novel volumes to = the current 1 prose volume.    Not having much luck =/  Can't wait for a better WoB repository.

I'm pretty sure those are both from State of the Sandersons or other blog posts.

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As far as the guitar guy why put him in so many scenes if it is not hoid? Sanderson specifically told the artists to draw the faces in the clouds and rocks for example, i don't see this kind of thing as an accident. Why would an artist include this kind of thing without word from Brandon? I mean of course it's super possible it's not him, maybe he's chilling on dayside or something and we'll see him in the second series of graphic novels. 


Brandon doesn't seem to make mistakes or have accidents in his work (obviously the earlier stuff is an exception). While he does do things he may regret later or doesn't have completely planned out but as more work comes out the plan is probably becoming more solid. We have seen hoid in all of the novels (not necessarily novellas or shorts) so why would this be an exception? Perhaps the WoB referencing Ais comment isn't in the graphic novel (yet at least) so the guitar man was the replacement

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I found Hoid!

I've been on the lookout out for anything even remotely Hoid and finally found a reference to a man playing a "stringed instrument" in the Lord Artisan's waiting room in chapter 16


I wasn't sure how I'd confirm that it was Hoid(a nondescript guy mentioned one time isn't enough to go on)

Then I had a epiphany "if he has a appearance in the Prose, he might have a corresponding appearance in the Graphic Novel"

So I checked WhiteSand Vol.2(chapter 16 of the Prose is about halfway through the novel, so the corresponding scene would be in Vol.2 of the GN) until I found the same scene and Bam, there's Hoid, in the corner of the room, playing his instrument just like in the Prose.



Here's the same scene in the Prose and Graphic novel.

In the Prose it's about halfway through chapter 16

In the Graphic novel, it's White Sand Vol.2 page 28 near the top behind Ais on the left side of the page


WhiteSand Prose:

"The Lord Artisan’s waiting room was on the ground floor, and it was decorated with two dozen seals that N’Teese explained were representations of the Draft’s sub-Professions.  Apparently, the Lord Artisan oversaw varied activities, including everything from carpentry and cobblery to medicine and painting. Khriss sat back on the bench.  It was cushioned, though the cushion was, of course, filled with sand.  There was a basin filled with drinking water, and even a man playing a stringed instrument quietly in the corner.


WhiteSand Vol.2:




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