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[Bands spoilers] metalminds for everyone!... ?

Red Ferring

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With the medallion technology, is there now any inherent limitations to how many metalminds you can fill and give/sell to any random Scadrian?


I was first thinking of using hemalurgy shenanigans to make a bunch of unkeyed goldmind medallion-tech that you filled from gold compounding but as I think about it, there's now no limit to what kind of metalmind someone can fill/tap and how much of the attribute that can be created thanks to unkeying metalminds and compounding.


As an example, for a ton of unkeyed health:

Through one or a combo of medallion/hemalurgy manipulation, you store your identity in an Aluminummind and then compound the stored health from a Goldmind into a lot of new Goldminds. Then do the same but with a Nicrosilmind to grant Feruchemical gold.


Would that not work for any reason? What would stop people from doing this?

If there aren't any issues with this, the Lost Metal and Era 3 and 4 just got a whole lot crazier.

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There may not be a limit to how many you can have but there are limits on how many can be used at one time. Allik mentions that multiple medallions cause interference and that they are able to get max 3 attributes in a medallion. They are powerful but we won't have millions of Lord Rulers running about just yet. Also, with feruchemy involved, unless you have a lot of compounders, storage speed is limited.

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