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  1. Callsign: Shrike Tiny predatory bird that impales it's prey on thorns and sharp wood spikes to consume at it's leasure. Latin name laniidea means butcher. Nuff said...
  2. That's pretty cool. I've been contemplating a cosmere themed tattoo for a long time and can't seem to make up my mind about what to get. Yours looks great!
  3. Welcome to the shard. I would say that you are in the right place for sure! Have an upvote an a spoiler rich good time!
  4. I work at a shipping warehouse and got to peek at a copy last week...I thought I was lucky....now I'm just jealous!
  5. That's kind of what I meant. I guess my statement was poorly worded.
  6. I'm fairly certain it is one of the creations of the unmade referred to as the midnight mother or Re-shephir. Like the midnight essence we see in one of Dalinar's visions.
  7. Awesome asreal! I got a sneak peek at those earlier today but only for a minute. I'm happy Brandon posted them...and I'm happy you shared!
  8. I have a suspicion that it is going to be Moash. There is a scene in WoK when he is practicing with the spear in a chasm, by the light of a dozen spheres, and he is described as having an equal number of shadows. I know that it is far from definitive, it may not even be foreshadowing since the number of shadows is different. Its just a scene that made me think of the possibility, and after pondering the idea, it seemed to fit. While he and Moash were friends, they were also opposites. Kaladin wanted to excel at fighting in order to save people, Moash to kill them. I could keep listing examples...but the list goes on. Btw...he also has shardplate. As the singular connector pointed out, Brandon likes to develop his important characters. It would be an interesting plot development to have these two, once friends, stand toe to toe, in the battle for roshar.
  9. I Once knew someone named uncle Andy. He wasn't really my uncle. And I don't think his name was Andy either. If you ever meet him...don't accept any drinks from him.
  10. I would follow him until he went to sleep. Then fill his room with concrete and seal the doors and windows shut. Or Lure him into a pitfall trap with really weak sides. No crawling out, and if he uses his dynamite trick he 'll just bury himself. Once he's down there you can pick your method of disposal. Really, the key here is detainment. Once they can't get away...you can just wear them down. I would suggest tracking them to the place where they live. Digging 25 ft deep dead falls with barbed steel stakes outside of each exit. Setting the building on fire with teams of gunmen waiting in a perimeter. The idea is to force them to wait it out in the flames...or flee into a pitfall...all the while being riddled by bullets. Btw...all of these are assuming that i am not invested...nor can I hire anyone who is.
  11. I'm pretty sure there is a WoB (or something) out there about lerasium actually doing something different for allomancers. Remember, we have only seen lerasium used by a non allomancer. So...there is really no way to know what D-lerasium burn would do.
  12. Thanks idealistic. I don't have anything more than a hunch, but I feel like there has to be some specific nature to each God metal that fits into the currently existing structure. Atium being temporal, and lerasium being enhancement.
  13. Something that has always bothered / interested me is how atium appears to operate like a temporal metal, and how we only see it alloyed with another temporal metal. I know the assumption is that each metal can produce a God metal alloy...but does anyone have the WoB for this?
  14. When you start wondering which ancient deities may have actually been homicitally manical crime lords...
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