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What Is Wayne's Last Name?


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I assumed Dawnshot referred to him being a quick shot. Dawn being first of the day.


The nicknames make sense because history repeats. Seems all of Kelsiers Crew got cool nicknames after the Final Ascension. Anyone else of distinction ends up with one.

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Well, Dawnshot and Hundredlives sound more like nicknames for badasses. The Crew had near-religious titles, really, like Counselor of Gods, Lady Truth (think that was from SoS?), or Ascendant Warrior. Or historically-grounded ones like Lord Mistborn and Last Emperor.

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I'm more interesting about wayne's "nickname".

We have "Hundredlive" Miles, "Dawnshot" Waxillium, how about Wayne?

Maybe "I don't know what's in that guy's mind" Wayne?

I think it was Kid Wayne.

Upon their first meeting MeLaan says "I had no idea that Kid Wayne was so talented with beer-mat sculptures."

Not sure if it was mentioned before that.

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I think it was Kid Wayne.

Upon their first meeting MeLaan says "I had no idea that Kid Wayne was so talented with beer-mat sculptures."

Not sure if it was mentioned before that.

I thought she was refering to Wayne as kid because she is several hundred years old and sees people as young in comparison.

Another instance:

“You’re over six hundred years old.”

“That’s the thing about having an eternity, kid,” MeLaan said.

So she says "that kid Wayne". I think it's just a typo.

Or clever, Sanderson-like hidden-in-plain-sight clues.

I think that we don't know Wayne's other name. If he has one.

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Maybe but that was a direct quote with capitalization and all.

She was also talking to a group including Wayne so the context would be off. She called Wax his nickname instead of his actual name and It also makes sense because he was only a kid when he first started following Wax around and they were making a name for themselves.

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  • 11 months later...

Lets look at what we know:

  • Wayne is a misting.
    • There's a chance he's a descendant of Spook or some other member of Kelsier's crew that ended up founding a noble house.
    • The other possibility is that his power comes from a pre-catacendre noble-line that ended up mixing with the general population.
    • The speed bubbles Wayne makes are significantly smaller than Marasi's; it is unclear if this is because bendalloy bubbles are naturally much smaller than cadmium bubbles, or because his genes granting allomancy are much more diluted than Marasi's.
  • From what we know of how the sDNA governing allomancy is passed on between generations, the non-allomancer offspring of a misting have a lower chance of passing allomancy onto their children than their allomancer siblings.  Meaning that one of Wayne's ancestors within the last few generations was almost certainly an allomancer, probably one of his parents or grandparents.
    • There's no mention of Wayne's father being twinborn when he's discussed, which would have been a weird omission given the context.
  • Wayne grew up in the Roughs
    • Wayne killed a man in Far Dorest at age 16 and appears to have been living more-or-less on his own
      • Far Dorest appears to be at least 75 miles from the nearest canal stop (in the city of Isaeuc's Bend)
      • Far Dorest appears to be over 100 miles form the nearest train station (in the city of True Madil)
    • Wayne's gang of relatively unorganized petty criminals probably didn't travel far, as doing so would require significant resources given the lack of infrastructure.
    • Wayne probably didn't travel to Far Dorest on his own initiative/resources and his gang probably didn't take him there, so he was probably either born there or a parent/guardian brought him there and died, abandoned him, or for some reason quit supporting him prior to the murder.
  • Wayne's father was a feruchemist, meaning he was of Terris descent.
    • Mixing of allomantic and feruchemical bloodlines is rare and discouraged in Terris society, so it would be unusual if both of Wayne's parents were of Terris descent, as this would mean that one or both of them already carried the genetic code for both allomancy and feruchemy.
    • Terris born in the Village don't seem to have last names so it's entirely possible Wayne's dad doesn't have a last name.
    • Last names on Scadrial seem to follow the common convention of being passed down from father to child.
      • Under this convention, if the child is illegitimate or the father has no last name, the child may instead be given the mother's last name.
    • Claude Aradel, previous Constable General of Elendel and non-misting, has a last name.
      • He is a descendant of Goradel, a character who appeared in FE.
      • His last name appears to have evolved from the common feudal convention of attaching a modifying phrase to the end of a person's name to reference their parentage.  IE: Aradel looks like a shortened evolution of the phrase: "Son/Daughter of Goradel, or more likely, "O'Goradel."  O'Gora- and A'ra- are, linguistically, relatively similar.  Few people could read or write following the Catacendre so this evolution seems plausible.
      • This means that most non-Terris in northern Scadrial who know who their parents are probably have last names.

From all this, I would propose the following:

  1. Wayne probably knows his parent's names.
  2. One or more parents or guardians shared knowledge of Feruchemy and Allomancy with Wayne at some point.
  3. At least one of Wayne's parents probably had a last name that, by typical Scadrian social convention, he would be entitled to use.

So why hasn't it been used on-screen?  Several reasons come to mind:

  1. Sanderson literally just forgot to ever use it or couldn't find a place where one character would want/need to refer to Wayne by his last name
  2. Wayne thinks the name sounds stupid
  3. Wayne doesn't use the name because he doesn't feel a strong familial attachment to it
  4. Wayne thinks the idea of last names is silly and needless


Considering how much we know about Wayne, it's super weird we don't know his full name...:ph34r:

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