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[Spoilers, BoM] Hoid's property


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So, I was just in the middle of my second read-through when something jumped out at me. I remember it striking me as odd the first time, but still, weird.
When Wax and Marasi are approaching the mansion for the party in New Seran, they're stopped by Hoid, who gives Wax the


. When Wax tells the "beggar" that it's private property, he says something very interesting:


 “The beggar laughed. “I own the place, technically. Now, regarding those coins for old Hoid, my good lord…”

(emphasis mine)


Is there something that I'm not remembering? Is Hoid just being a weirdo? I have no idea.

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Ruin and Preservation created Scandrial, Hoid was a bit of Preservation power in him, (the Lerasium bead). So technically he was a part of the god that created the planet and own the place

Nay, Hoid are the cognitive shadow of Adonalsium everything is of him =)

He had me there too,  why he own's Scandrial ?

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Given his mysterious relationship with the 16, I'd guess that somehow he owns Scadrial, at least by Yolish law, not that it really applies anymore.  If he owns Scadrial though, does that mean he might own Roshar?  Nalthis?  Sel?  How many planets does Hoid own?



Was he in Ati's and Leras' will?

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^ A Trails series reference? Have all my upvotes. :D


Anyhow, given that Hoid knew all the shardholders pre-Shattering it certainly could be that he thinks Leras and/or Ati owed him money. Or he could be acting weird for the sake of it or as part of his cover. Or Up To Something. You never can tell with Hoid...

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