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The Billboard (sort of a game but with guilds)


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I get the feeling that most guild happy sharders could use a place for advertisement and the general thread is popular

here it is.





Evil is everywhere, the Knightbloods need you!


Take up your sentient sword!


Join and slay some evil TODAY!


batteries not included.

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Swear allegiance to the Gunsmoke Barony, and through it, the Frozen Newcago Empress. We have donuts, a supply of spice, the scholarium of the empire, all magical artifacts that automatically come from allegiance to Newcago plus the opportunity to splice in some Star Wars artifacts.

Leader, Baron Scottleft, the humanoid typhoon, force user, and steel twin born.

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The DA gets plenty of advertising anyway so I'll use the opportunity instead to post a piece of unrelated trivia.

If you took all the $1 bills in the world and stacked them on top of each other, you would destabilize the economy and quickly cause the stack to fall over.

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If you took the surface of your brain and ironed it out, you would probably die. You might have a brain tablecloth, but also dead or vegetized.

Voidus isn't the only one who can make slightly disturbing trivia.

If you took all the worms on earth and laid them end-to-end, you would destroy thousands of ecosystems and possibly lead to the destruction of life on earth.

You'd also have a really long worm-chain.

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Culture. He meant to say culture. The Reckoners RPG is not a cult.  :ph34r:

You only said that because your dark alley dewllers failed to over defeate the influence our shining deity has over us and take over yourself. :ph34r:


Or maybe I'm using the term wrong. :P


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hello sharders.


look at your assassin.

now back to me.

now back at your assassin.

now back to me.


sadly he isn't me. but if he stopped using honorblades and switched to nightblood, he could fight like me.


Look down, back up. where are you? You are on a scadrial with the man your assassin could fight like. whats in your hand, back to me. I have it, its a book with the signatures of four different authors. look again, the books are now beads of Lerasium.


anything is possible when your assassin fights with nightblood and not with honorblades


Im piggybacking hoid.



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