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Who The Heralds Are

Joe ST

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Well, I was messing around today on google translate, with the 10 Herald's names. Here are the results:

  • Chach
    • Welsh: Small


    • Azerbaijani: Lament
    • Basqe: Resource with a view
    • Welsh: Halloween


    • Malay: Banisher
    • Azerbaijani: Artlessly
    • Hungarian: Wake


    • Haitian Creole: Widow
    • Hungarian: Receiver
    • Indonesian: Armrest
    • Swedish: Crank
    • Vietnamese: Distinguished Road

So far those are the ones I've found. Any more are welcome, and any conclusions/links/etc would be lovely :D

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So i was rereading and got to the part when Dalinar has the vision with the midnight essence. At one point the woman says "sweet wisdom of Battar" 298. I was wondering if Battar might also be a Herald?

I've discovered (from the stormblessed wikia <http://stormlightarchive.wikia.com/> though I cannot find it any more >.<) that the ten heralds are known by these names (the numbers are the names of the numerals in Vorinism (?)):

  1. Jes: Jezrien, Jezerezeh
  2. Nan: Nalan
  3. Chach:
  4. Vev: Vedeledev
  5. Palah:
  6. Sash: Salash
  7. Betab: Battar
  8. Kak: Kalak, Kelek
  9. Tenat: Talenelat
  10. Ishi: Ishar

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