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Siri's sleeves


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So I just started reading WarBreaker and I love it so far! But one thing stood out to me during Siri's presentation at the end of the wedding jubilation. Her dress can grow sleeves.


Page 150:

"The neckline was a touch low, and it had no sleeves."


Page 158:

"A serving Woman tugged on Siri's sleeve from where she knelt below."


So either Brandon betrayed all of us (too simple an explanation) or else there is something else going on here that we haven't yet realized. I have never been the best at guessing what is happening so I'll leave it up to all of you to figure it out.

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I'd say it's probably just a small mistake. All books have them. It'll probably be corrected one day, although I'm not sure if there are proper channels to communicate Warbreaker errors anymore. If nothing else, I'll try to keep it in the back of my brain for when the anniversary edition comes out. :)

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