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Shared Cosmere language

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So I was rereading Warbreaker a little while ago and I noticed that 'shash' was the first word Siri taught the god king, or the first letter. (Pg 373, end of chapter twenty)

Then I remembered Kaladin had the 'shash' glyph marked into his head because he was a dangerous slave.

You see where I'm going with this? I feel that whenever I see a coincidence crop up in Brandon's writing it is more than just coincidence. It Also makes me think there is a greater language, or writing system that is shared through the cosmere that may be descendant from the times of Adonalsium's shattering. My gut tells me to take another look at elantris and mistborn too, but I wanted to get this theory out while I was thinking about it.

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This has been brought up before.  Brandon was asked about it here.  The shardworlds do share a linguistic origin.

My question is in regards to the writing system. In Warbreaker, when Siri is teaching Susebron to read, she mentions the letter "shash," which we now know better as a Glyphair from WoK.
so onto the questions:

Are the two writing systems related, or is this a chance coincidence of names? If they are related, did they stem from the same source? (i.e., do the people of Nalthis and Roshar both descend from a more ancient group of people?) If I haven't gotten a RAFO yet, did the separation from these other people create the legends of being cast out of the Tranquiline Halls?

Brandon Sanderson

There are interesting connections around the cosmere between linguistics and some cultures. Though different groups of humans were created on different planets, the Shards all share a single point of origin. However, the Tranquiline Halls legends are not related to a Nalthis/Roshar connection.

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