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Ive always wanted to write a Reckoners fanfic. This is just a teaser and if you guys like it I'll write more.


well! here goes nothing!




Blacksight ran.

                Why was he running? He should turn around and kill the fool. How dare he attack HIM, he was Blacksight, he could kill with a single flick of his wrist, turn a person’s own mind against them, why was he running from a-

                A metal canister hit the ground close to his feet, releasing a white gas. His eyes hurt as he started coughing. He ran from the canister.

                Tear gas. How had He known about tear gas?

                Another canister smacked the ground next to him filling the air with the irritating gas. Blacksight covered his eyes and face with his arms and turned down an alleyway.

                Dead end.

                Swearing, Blacksight spun to run back down the alley way towards the exit. He turned just as another canister crashed into his chest.

                Blacksight crumpled, the force of the canister knocking the air from his lungs. He tried to breath, but he only got a lungful of the poison.

                Coughing, he pulled himself away. Taking deep gasping breaths.

                “Where are-!” his scream was cut off as another canister smashed into the side of his head.

                Blacksight’s vision spun as he threw his hands into the gash left by the projectile, who was that? Walking towards him, emerging from the white smoke? He wore a long brown coat and… armor? A sort of grey body armor that covered his entire body from head to foot.

                “Who…” he coughed, blood came up and he spat it out “Who are-“

                “Would you shut up all ready?” the figure said. He raised a hand.

                The last thing Blacksight heard was a gunshot.


One weeks later.


Mark stirred in his sleep, his mobile buzzing loudly on his nightstand. He groaned in complaint, but threw off his covers and sat on the edge of his bed.  Reaching, he grabbed the mobile from its place and answered it.


                “Great, Mark, you’re up,” a voice immediately said “I have a new assignment for you,”

                Mark placed a hand against his forehead, “Couldn’t it wait till morning?”

                “It is morning.”

                Mark checked the clock on the nightstand. “Two-thirty AM is not morning.”

                “It is now.”

                Mark sighed. “Whatever you say, Doc.”

                “Good, but they want to talk to you first, and Mark?”


                “They’re not happy.”


                Mark popped a fry into his mouth as he walked down the stairs, it was a little too salty, but he hadn’t bought it for the flavor.

                He came to the stop at the bottom of the concrete steps, before knocking at the door to his right, he checked his watch.

                Four-thirty AM. Right on schedule.

                He gave the door four knocks and it swung open immediately after.

                “You’re late,” Doc No-name said. He was a somewhat older fella’ with glasses and a very Einstein-like hairdo and despite having known him for the last year, Mark still didn’t know his name

                “If you want I can take another hour to-“

                “No, they’re mad enough already.” Doc frowned, “Where’d you get-“

                “Darksun had them imported,” Mark popped another into his mouth, what he didn’t say was how much time it had taken to steal them from the shipment.  “Now all we need is a proper burger joint and some widespread power…”

                “Um, yes, but we need to talk to them, they’ve-“

                “Got a tremendously large stick up their rear. I know. Now can I come in?” Mark pushed passed the frazzle headed doctor and put his bag of food on a table as the Doc shut and locked the door. Mark turn to face a blank wall.

                “Okay, let’s get this show on the road.” Mark clapped his hands once. “Open active channels, priority beta”

                A series of projectors cast four separate images on the wall, each was merely a silhouette image of the person it projected. Mark thought it was a bit ridiculous, and he doubted anyone else was contacted by the Collective in this way.

                “Ello, chaps,” he said, giving his best Brit “I trust you don’t like me, as usual.”

                “Your late,” one of the images said.

                “And you’re perceptive.” Mark replied.

                “Cut the crap, Operative.” Another shadowy figure said. “We want to know what happened with Blacksight.”

                “Heard the slontze died.”

                “He was killed. Using information you gathered, in the scenario you suggested be carried out.”

                “And it worked? Great. I was right. I don’t see what the problem is.”

                “The problem?” another voice said, “the problem is that you either organized the strike yourself, endangering yourself, your information, and, most importantly the secrecy of the Collective itself.”


                “Or you sold this information to a third party, which could have even worse repercussions. Either way you’re a danger to-“

                Mark popped a fry in his mouth and chewed loudly. As loud as he could anyway.

                The Collectors were silent and Mark could practically hear Docs jaw hit the ground.

                “You’re being rather blunt with your insults today, Operative.” That voice sounded female.

                “I’m in a sour mood today, something along the lines of being woken up at two-thirty-two in the morning.” Mark ate another fry, “and I believe you were about to fire me.”

                “We can’t fire you,” the first voice said “you know too much. You’d simply disappear very quietly.

                “Hmn. Interesting,” Mark put the fries down. “You should know that I have a sample of Blacksight mitochondria.”

                They were silent.

                “How large?” one finally asked

                “Let’s just say your researchers have more than enough room for error.”

                “damnation.” The second voice said, there was a click of the mic turning off.

                Mark turned his head till he saw Doc in the corner of his eyes

                “How much you want to bet they’re based in Newcago?”

                “What makes you say that?”

                “The fact that they have no perception of nighttime.” The mic clicked back on, and Mark faced the screen.

                “Your bribery is noted, but we’d need more than that.”

                “Bittershock, Vanquish, and Jaysong.” Mark scratched his ear “I also have silverleaf, but it’s rather contaminated. Better than nothing I suppose.”

                “And how did you come across these?”

                “The way you get everything these days” Mark finished his fries, pouring the rest of the bag into his mouth. “You go out and you get it.”

                The Collectors were silent again.

                “Come to grips with the fact that you do not own me. You never will. You may not like my hobbies or my style, but you cannot argue with my results.”

                Another silence followed.

                “We will keep you onboard, but know you’re on probation. Don’t slip up.” The screens shut off.

                “Did you just bribe the Collective?” Doc demanded.

                “A bit.”


                “Thanks.” Mark said. “But don’t you have a mission for me?”


                Mark peered down the scope of his rifle, at the man they called Stormfront, or rather the Epic called Stormfront. Either way, he was a man into his late thirties, with the average “I am an immortal, you swine” attitude that could be associated with any high epic pig.

                What a slontze. Mark thought, studying the man’s face. Stormfront was a relatively new Epic, manifested in the last year or so, with storm powers and the ability to shoot lightning from his fingertips. That kind of epic was the kind of epic that the collective loved.

                Loved to harvest anyway.

                Marks mobile buzzed. He checked it on his arm. He had a new message from an unknown number.

                Where are you?–V

                I’m busy. Mark typed back. He hit send and placed the mobile back on his arm. Mark checked through the scope again to make sure the epic hadn’t gone anywhere. He hadn’t.

                What is he doing? The guy had been standing on the rooftop for almost a half an hour staring at a door as if it was the most interesting thing in the world.

                Marks mobile buzzed again. He sighed and checked it.

                Don’t care. I got you some info on a new epic in town.

                Mark frowned. Then typed back


                Yeah, what do you know about him?

                I’m watching him right now.

                There was barely a moment’s hesitation before the next message.

                Get out of there now.

                Mark looked up to see Stormfront staring at him.

                “Aw, nuts,” Mark said as the wind began to pick up and thunder rolled across a clear sky.





edit: questions? comments? concerns? I'll listen to them all.


let me know if you enjoyed it, and maybe tell me something I could do better.

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