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Joe ST

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Late starter, but here it is :D

Hey, I'm Joe. I like it here...its cool.

Oh? you wanna know what I do, huh? Well I'm the most active coppermind admin, so if you have any problems/issues over at the wiki, dont be afraid to stalk me out and brutally ravage me until your satisfied. Or you could just ask, ya know. Whatever floats your boat.

I read scifi and fantasy. Lots of it... if I could spend more time reading, I would. My favourites include WoT, the Cosmere, Relevation Space, Otherland, Peter F Hamilton and many many others.

I also like computers, programming and all things geeky. Spend most of my time online, messing around on a couple of forums. It's all fun where I come from.

Anything else you want to know? ASK!


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¬.¬ trust you to ask a question :D

Well I'm not one to play favourites when it comes to our chromatic friends, but I guess blues, blacks, and reds are my favourite... YEAH THATS RIGHT GREEN! YOU SUCK!

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