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Greetings from Australia


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Hi Everyone,


My name is William and I am from Sydney, Australia. The first time i read TWOK i was instantly enraptured by the concept of Shardblades and Plate. I loved reading about Szeth, Kaladin and Dalinar and the kickass mayhem that ensued and found myself skimming over Shallan's parts to get back to the action. I then recommended the book to my brother Abel and it quickly became one of his favourites as well. One day we were discussing the book and i was complaining about how much i disliked Shallan's part of the book to which my brother replied "you know she has a shardblade right ?". This lead to my 2nd reading of the book and to my true awakening to the world of Roshar and in extension the Cosmere Universe. I have now read all of Brandon Sanderson's books and re-read TWOK about 5-6 times and there is not a week that goes by where i dont receive a text/call from my brother about his new TWOK theory and vice/versa. So you can imagine my delight when i came across this website that not only helped confirm some of my theories (and also disprove an embarrassingly large amount) but introduce some new ones as well. In conclusion im looking forward to reading everyone's theories and observations and although im a lurker by nature will try and put forward some of my own theories, but hey "words are like a hundred doves" right ? :) 

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 but hey "words are like a hundred doves" right ? :)


How's that? Once you let 'em loose you can never get them back and then they crap all over the place? :P


Seriously though.  Welcome, William.  I look forward to hearing some of your ideas.  You should try to get your brother on here as well since he also seems to be an avid theory-monger.

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