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Father's Death (spoilers)


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This has always seemed fishy to me. 


The only explanation I can come up with is that he found something that someone didn't want him to.  He could have been killed by someone who wanted to claim the discovery for themselves or by the Nebraskans.  If it was a competitor, the discovery would have been announced soon after.  If it was the Nebraskans, then they must have a network of spies to learn what he discovered and be able to arrange a (springrail, thanks Shardlet) accident.


It was around the Inception day. Coincidence?


Am I paranoid or did this seem significant to others?


Edit: spelling, grammar, springrail reference

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No, it makes sense. Its just that I (personally) don't do much steelheart or rtithmatist theorizing because it isn't cosmere, so there is no framework to work from. Actually, this is a really good idea.

How did he die again? He was sick, right? Was there anyway that wild chalklings could have taken him?

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To be more specific:


Joel cocked his head. “He got wounded in a springrail accident.”

She paused. “Yes. That’s what I meant. If he hadn’t been out traveling on one of his projects, he wouldn’t have been on the train when it derailed.”

Joel eyed her. “Mother,” he said. “Father did die from a springrail accident, didn’t he?”

“You saw him in the hospital, Joel. You sat with him while he died.”

Joel frowned, but couldn’t dispute that fact. He remembered the sterile rooms, the physicians bustling about, the medications they gave his father and the surgeries they did on his crushed legs. Joel also remembered the forced optimism they’d all displayed when telling Joel that his father would get better.


So he got wounded, somehow, and then died, slowly. I think somewhere later in the book it was mentioned that he was actually in Nebrask, but the exact circumstances of his death are still a mystery.

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That quote is pretty ambiguous as to whether or not it was actually a springrail accident, but even if there isn't some super obvious conspiracy, there is the fact that chalklings wind the springrails... Maybe the one that Joel's father was on was very conveniently wound just a little too tight that day?


The whole bit about Joel's father's death seemed fairly suspisious to me as well, but I was clued in more so by how ambiguous the quote Satsuoni gave was.

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 The thing is while he can't go against Navilar, he has his father's research. If he follow it through, who knows what he will find. His father found their lines years before, so who knows what else is hidden out there. He could become the school chalkmaker, and use that as a way to hide his studies.

 It would be cool if the next book is known as Chalkmaker.

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