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I'm new member, Max. 

I'm huge Brandon Sanderson fan. I first got interested in him when I read he's going to finish Wheel of Time. I'm not a huge WoT-fan myself, I like it, but not a fan - anyway, I read Mistborn 1 and thought it was awesome but then sort of forgot about him. Later Sanderson caught my eye when I first read about his Laws of Magic etc. and then his opinion on sex/cursing in his books. I'm Christian myself so it sounded very nice and I decided to start reading more, and I did. Now I'm a complete fan and he's my #1 author, I love everything (well almost - some short stories and Alcatraz books I think are just good but not perfect) written by him.


I joined this site because I heard about Cosmere and wanted to know more so I went to wiki and then here. Next Sanderson-related thing I'm doing is reading Steelheart though, see you.

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Welcome mallamp!

Nights! Sparks! Storm it! Lord Ruler! They are much more interesting curse words than our hum drum four lettered options. I enjoy a well written novel with a clean rating too.

I started reading Mistborn not knowing anything about Brandon. It wasn't until I was halfway through HoA that I realized several of Sazed beliefs and way of phrasing things sounded LDS. Then I flipped to the "about the author" blurb and found out that he was. It was at that point I got to chide my sister for not sharing sooner; I went to BYU too and could have taken his class had I known!

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By the Survivor, I love using these storming swears. So much more fun than regular old swear words (and, Harmony's Forearms, they're more forum friendly too!) I still use "Light" from the Wheel of Time series, and I'll admit OMH has pretty much completely replaced OMG in my vocab. 

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