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Duke Nukem forever delayed (again)


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I find this incredibly funny. The game stuck in the definition of Development Hell and then Saved delayed AGAIN. I won't be surprised if it goes on to be delayed for ANOTHER fifteen years. I doubt it, but hey, it could happen.

But in the end, I don't care about this game either way. Mwahaha.

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Yeah, i thought it was outstandingly funny that after a year or so of "IT'S FINALLY COMING!!" it gets pushed back a month.

Though, honestly, it wouldn't surprise me if this was actually a prank the company was pulling, and after april 1st or so they're like "APRIL FOOLS! IT'LL BE ON TIME!"

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My favorite line: Duke never comes early.

Although I'm curious how the international release ended up before the American release because of the delay. =\ I guess it's because they need to make more games because the pre-orders were through the roof.

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