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Hi, so my name is Lynn.

I started reading Sanderson's work in The Wheel of Time series. I was very impressed with how he managed to show respect to Jordan's life work, and pick up the pace of the last books. I read The Mistborn 3 first. Then Warbreaker. I knew about the cosmere then, but didn't think too much of it because I was also reading many other books at the time, including the Dark Tower - Steven King. I recently read Alloy of Law and thought it was good, but missed the old characters. So I came on here. I found that the way of Kings connected and read it. I was already hooked to Sanderson's work with Mistborn, but The Way of Kings brought me back. I've read Elantris also. I've lurked many informative sites like this just to get info, but I joined this one because of the cosmere. I think  Sanderson is brilliant for doing the connections early on. I grew up reading King, I was raised in Maine, and love those connections.

Oh, so moonchild is a reference to the Neverending Story.

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