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That Kelsier Thing


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This isn't really a discussion thread . . . I brought that thing up and someone asked me for a link to prove it.

Anyone remember where it came from?


[Context: Thread title was originally about Kelsier's ghost taking up Preservation.]

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firstRainbowRose (17 October 2008)

I just wanted to add in my two cents and say it was absolutely brilliant... and I think I'm starting to be able to breath again (crying that much hurts)...I also really loved that there's an "cameo" for Kelsier at the end... that made me really happy to see.
Brandon Sanderson (17 October 2008)

Glad you liked the book, Rainbow!

You may want to note that the moment Preservation dropped out and let the last of his consciousness die, someone was waiting in the Cognitive Realm to seize the power and hold on for a short period until Vin could take it up more fully. You'll find him using it to whisper in moments of great stress in the book, to one person in specific in two places. (I'll bet someone on here has already found them.)

He never could just let things well enough alone....

The person Brandon mentions is Spook. After the spike is removed, Kelsier prompts him to send the letter to Vin, and then prompts him to send people underground.



Edit: added #50, thanks Blaze :P

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Okay. So... I get that Mistborn has been out for a while now...


But isn't "Kelsier's ghost" kind of a BIG thing, spoiler-wise? It not only tell's people that he dies, but that he (kinda, sorta, in-visions) comes back. 


Should this really be a topic title..?

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The thought didn't occur to me then since I was half asleep but you might have a point. Though this IS the forum section that already has AoL spoilers in it.

Someone ask a mod/admin/whatever they're called here to come over? I swear title edits have occurred before.

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