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Lark's Request Hub [free pixel portraits + coded signatures][closed]


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Pixel Portraits | Signatures


We are: Closed

So apparently nobody does this? Well guess what I'm gonna do it. These are super popular on Flight Rising and Deviantart but I do that for money, mostly. Which is sad, because I enjoy these! So I'm making these things for free on here, 17th Shard only deal. I don't have much else to say, so let's go!

----------------[ ]----------------

Rules/Terms of Use

These are very simple, and I'd greatly appreciate it if these were followed when using my work.

  • If you have a piece of art, and want another, wait a few more rounds so that others can get a turn.
  • Give credit somewhere on your profile to LarkoftheRiver! If you want to use off site, please send me a pm.
  • Do not request when closed or bombard me for when your request will be done. I'm not paid for this.
  • Please wear for at least five days.
  • Please do not request pose. Again, I'm not being paid, and I'd like to have fun and artistic freedom.
  • Due to the fact the 17th Shard is very skimpy with animations, I'm not including them unless you specifically ask. Kalo?
  • One more thing: not really a rule as much as it is polite: please tell me that you've gotten your icon. As in, post here if you put it on or if you at least like it. I won't come hunt you down and chew you out if you don't, but I would greatly appreciate knowing that you like your thing.

----------------[ ]----------------


I want to perfect this style, so that's part of the reason why I'm doing this. I want to do more pixel portraits! Now, I'll do anything. Any animal, character, person, pet. You name it. Background included.


Human examples can be viewed here.

To request, please fill out this form.

:: Animal:
:: Description or Picture of animal:
:: Personality (NOT pose):
:: Background:
:: Words on Picture?:

----------------[ ]----------------

I'm also not sure why coded signatures aren't a thing here, because there's so much bbcode you can possibly use. I love coding so much. Anyway, some examples I've made for people on other sites.

(_¸.´¯). . . . . . . .(_¸.´¯)

One minute was enough...
a person had to work hard for it,
but a minute of perfection was worth the effort.
A moment was the most
you could ever expect from perfection.

- Chuck Palahniuk- Fight Club

·-·=» «=·-·
¸.*´¨`* *´¨`*.¸
You weren't born an aristocrat.
You don't have to play by their rules.
That makes you even more powerful.
-- Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson

· ··^v´¯`×) Vikings (×´¯`v^·· ·
·ï¡ . . . . .Tнe world ιѕ cнαɴɢιɴɢ. . . . . ¡ï·
·ï¡ ....Aɴd we мυѕт cнαɴɢe wιтн ιт.....¡ï·

The universe is hostile, so impersonal
Devour to survive
°. .. . °
t , t' lץ єє

-¯:°֪ »¦«֪ °:¯-

----------------[ ]----------------

How to use these

So what you need to do is copy the code that I put in the code box, and go to your edit signature panel. Then click the gray button in the top left of the editor (should be the very first one, looks kinda like a switch?) and paste it in there. Click the gray button again to preview and then click save.

this is the code box. it erases all the code and gives the raw bbcode. I will put it in a spoiler box when I give it to you.
:: Title (if any):
:: Mood/colors:
:: Text:
:: Other:


What do you use to make your icons?
- Photoshop CS5.5

Can I pick the pose my character is in?
No, you pick the expression. I like to keep artistic freedom here.

How long do these take?
About 45 minutes each.

How long will it take me to get my icon?
This depends on how busy I am with other art/school/my mood/whatever else.

Can I take off the "LarkoftheRiver" signature if I give credit?
No. You don't like it, don't request.

Can I order animation?
Yes, but you won't pick and I only will do simple things like eyes blinking or ears flicking. Keep in mind this won't animate on the Shard's icons.

Can I use off site?
Please link back to my deviantart account. http://larkoftheriver.deviantart.com

Why isn't my icon done yet?
I don't do this for free.

Can I request full body?
No, not unless I get paid for that. Full body is hard.

Edited by LarkoftheRiver
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Wow. One of the best artists on the forum posts a request thread, and people don't immediately swamp it with begs and pleas for icons? I thought for sure other people would beat me to this. I feel just a touch awkward filing a request, since I understand this takes up a lot of your time, but since you're looking for practice I suppose this could benefit both of us. :ph34r:



Here's the form for Lightwards, my Epic character in the Reckoners RPG.


Animal: Human.


Description: Not hugely specific, but we've often described his face as a cross between Indiana Jones and Harry Potter. Round face, round glasses, sandy hair, and a shamrock-green bowler hat. In his late 30s. If you need more detail, I can give it; I'm trying to give you room for artistic license in the depiction. I'm not picky.


Personality: Alternates between grim and irritable and sadistically pleased. Usually grim and irritable.


Background: Jungle if you can manage it. An urban or generic forest background would also do quite nicely.


Words on Picture: Nah. I mean, if you want to sign the picture who am I to stop you, but there's nothing in particular I want written on it.




If you want to deny this request for any reason, go ahead--I don't hold a grudge. :)



(By the way, what does "wear for at least five days" refer to? I'm more than happy to comply with your terms, but I simply don't understand what this means.)

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Oh! Oh! Oh! 


I perked right up when I saw this. More awesome Lark art? Heck yeah!


And what Kobold said. I thought this place would be swamped. But... it's not? So I guess I'll put in a request.


Animal: ...can it be a dragon? 

Description or Picture of animal: Off-white dragon. Has blue eyes. And wears glasses. And is totally not me. :ph34r: If you need more to go on, lemme know.

Personality (NOT pose): Likes books and other geeky things like Doctor Who and fantasy and is also not me. :ph34r: Also, not super ferocious. More timid. Bookish introvert. But a dragon. If that makes sense.

Background: Um... a castle? Or a mountain/forest works too.

Words on Picture?: No thanks! :)

Edited by Slowswift
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Accepted! I'll get started as soon as possible!

The wear for five days basically means keep it on for at least five days. I just don't want someone requesting then using it for a day and then taking it off.


Ah, so these are for use as profile pictures?

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:: Animal: Gargoyle
:: Description or Picture of animal: Preferably grey, although black or white would work too. Wings are a must, horns and fangs optional.
:: Personality (NOT pose): Angry in a cold sort of way. He has a job to do, and you're on his turf.
:: Background: Night sky or stone cityscape.
:: Words on Picture?: I'm good. Thanks for asking, though.


Edit: Clarification:

The wings don't absolutely need to be visible, it just has to be the sort of gargoyle that has wings. Ja?

Edited by Gargoyle
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So... I want to update my "Arrow" user image, so -since you're taking requests- thought I'd palm it off to you!

As for specifics? I... don't really have any? I've been using Arrow!Oliver for a long time, so that might be the most recognisable for me -not to mention being the most well-known thanks to the show- but I'm actually giving you total freedom. Oliver has had a few distinct looks over the years, so I want you to do any of them; which you want to get the most practice in, or think would look the best. I'll include the different era's I'm interested in in the picture section- but ultimately, I'm leaving it up to you!


:: Description or Picture of animal:

Silver Age

Brave and the Bold

Justice League

Young Justice


New 52 Green Arrow


:: Personality (NOT pose): Well, depends on which era you decide to go with. I admit, I rather like the "intense" Arrow! or New52! versions, but if you want to go with one of the goofier friendlier ones, like Silver Age or Old DCU ones, that's fine.
:: Background: A forest? Whatever you think works best
:: Words on Picture?: None


...Alternatively, I could maybe use a pony!Arrow picture. derpytongue2.png So, if you'd rather draw animals rather than humans...


:: Description or Picture of animal: An MLP style pony. I think you should have plenty of inspiration from this site, but if not, let me know and I'll get some references for you! Ideally, I was picturing it wearing a green hoodie (like this, minus the strings), with the hood pulled up over the pony's face, with maybe a quiver of arrows on it's back. Basically? pony!Arrow
:: Personality (NOT pose): Intense, focused- but socially oblivious. I don't know how much room you have to work with, but I kind of imagine a pony version of Oliver Queen as being closer to a Batman pardoy; overzealous, social oblivious, that kind of thing.
:: Background: Night
:: Words on Picture?: None

Edited by Quiver
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:: Animal: Gargoyle

:: Description or Picture of animal: Preferably grey, although black or white would work too. Wings are a must, horns and fangs optional.

:: Personality (NOT pose): Angry in a cold sort of way. He has a job to do, and you're on his turf.

:: Background: Night sky or stone cityscape.

:: Words on Picture?: I'm good. Thanks for asking, though.


Edit: Clarification:

The wings don't absolutely need to be visible, it just has to be the sort of gargoyle that has wings. Ja?

Okay, so I've been thinking up this one for a while and was actually considering something other than the general portraits I've been doing. This might be cool as a silhouette, with the shadow of the gargoyle perching on a roof, with the moon in the background and whatnot. Would this be fine with you, or do you want a portrait instead?

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This is great Lark! Lots of upvotes!

Animal: Cheetah

Description: Lean, green eyes, spots, yellow fur

Personality: Introverted, timid, but also athletic and defiant against the odds.

Background: A savannah, maybe. If you can't do that, how about a city at night?

Words: No thanks.

I went ahead and did this one, mainly because I haven't heard back from gargoyle yet.


I've started adding an "official" signature to it as well with my username.

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