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Woah! I didn't even think to look for other emote artists here. XD-2p.png(You have just solved my xD problem)


I love your emoticons, Haelbarde, especially Syl Slyphrena.gif



These. are. amazing. IiBDG5u.gif


You should get Chaos to add them into the 17th Shard emoticons bank.


The site is more than welcome to have them.

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Pixel by pixel for all but the actual sharblade. That one I drew out a basic shape, cut sections off and lightened them progressively until it got the wavy blade, then ran several versions of the GIMP's Mozaic filter to materialize it, then shifted it on layers to drop. Same for the hand, shifting it over. Nothing fancy unfortunately. Just tedious, though I'm sure there's a way to do things faster.

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I use the GIMP for my tiny animations and export them as an animated .gif

The large ones I use Inkscape, port to GIMP, then port to Spriter Pro.


I'm not familiar with Apple at all. Sorry :/ Good luck to you, though.


Yep! Unless they are integrated into the website, just use that trick. ;)

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