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Dessert Wars


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Come to me, my brothers! Unite under one banner and rally to me to stop these odious cookie thieves! I dream of a world where one's confectionery delights are safe on a dark night, and walking down the road with a delicious treat isn't a beacon to brigands who would desire to own what you own!

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I know!


Lovely Girl Scout! Look at that mean old Emeralis! We only wanted to have a cookie of our own, but he wouldn't let us.

"He didn't? That's not very nice. He's supposed to share."

Nope. And when we had him share, he got mean and stole it. Stole it I tell you!

"He STOLE a COOKIE?!?! That makes me so... so...."



Attack my Girl Scout Bear! Attack!


(And now it's a bear, so it can't understand you. Haha.)

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