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ha. I will, Kurk. I just mean, protocol. What is and what isn't polite? Also, what is and what isn't awkward? I think I know enough ways to get plenty of great questions, but part of my problem is the deliverance (I'm not a real social guy). So. In another word, how do I make the most of the experience?

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Go early, introduce yourself as a member of the 17S, and ask him if you can shoot questions when there is downtime during the signing and/or at the end of the event. Then summon a recording device of some sort and fire away as if you are reading a laundry list. Comment as needed. Brandon is pretty used to being interrogated by us, so he won't mind terribly if you pick his brain for stuff. 


As for the actual questions, go through the ultimate list and some of the theories and choose what you like the most (as a rule of thumb, getting more than 20 questions in can be difficult). Then go ahead and make a thread here and the community will be happy to give each question a RAFO score - and then add a bunch of other questions you may or may not like.

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