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The Way of Kings Typos list:


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no clue if these have been brought up before (never had a chance to check the typo thread on TWG)

Page 195 - Dalinar says "your nephew"

should be: your cousin

when talking to Adolin about Elhokar

207 - form the chasm fiend's face.

should be: from the chasm fiend's face.

238 - a shameful secret he hide

should be: a shameful secret he hid

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Here's the list I posted to TWG. Or rather, these are my raw notes that I jotted into my phone as I read. When I posted on TWG I added formatting and comments; sorry for not having time to do it again here.

33 standing...got to his feet.

55 sat down to floor

150 nearly enough stop them

170 you asked right questions?

193 when dalinar and the king rode up, and adolin spoke quickly before Sadeas could speak. (Not sure what I was thinking here. It may be I didn't like one of the ands in the sentence.)

251.3 "Oddly, he noticed a group older boys gathering..."

260.5 "I saw some of reeds of it growing..."

281.6 He'd given both to Elhokar to award to a warrior...

334.7 'Highprinces and lighteyes,' Elhokar's suddenly proclaimed.

390 Kaladin lights his torch twice on this page: once immediately after touching down, and again after Rock and Teft arrive.

416.14 "The longer her worked, the more people gathered..."

421.2 "Well, I do have reputation to maintain."

432.4 "It had been five months since Vstim become her babsk..."

469.15 "A true scholar must not close her mind close on any topic."

584.11 "Was it angry at being forced belong the horizon?"

593.5 "That wasn't what decided it for her, however, The truth was..."

604.8 "Kaladin knew what happening to him."

609.2 "...what was hope it except another opportunity..."

691.10 "It will take time, but promise you if we staet here..."

694.11 "Maybe you'll you happen upon..."

695.4 "...capable in stances they had only been just been taught...

698.15 "Jasna's quieter, move justified anger was no less daunting."

703.8 "Coreb's fell to his knees and began to beg."

730.10 "They ran shoulder to shoulder, not a single one of place."

731.1 "That meant so far as he knew, there were less than hundred Blades..."

732.8 "Dalinar He caught up to the..."

733.8 "I have said I that cannot be of much help to you."

735.13 "That was very same reason they didn't let..."

745.4 "He looked up with as Kaladin and the members of..."

760.9 "I haven't give up on you yet, Dalinar."

770.7 "You're not going be like Rock..."

773.8 "...and a group of many-legged cremlings scuttling along along the wall and slipped into a fissure."

779.6 "So if Sadeas could arrive first, then hold out long enough for Dalinar get his men across..."

793.14 "He could the use extra men..."

924.1 "'He wanted them to bunch up against us,' one the spearmen said."

935.1 "Ahead, he could make out a figure in scratched blue Shardplate, fighting at the front of group."

936.10 "Adolin cut down through multiple men at once..."

940.12 "Adolin and last of his troops filed along behind him."

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P 150, 1st full paragraph, "had lost nearly enough stop them."

P 193, 2nd full paragraph, "and Adolin"; "and" shouldn't be there.

P 283, 6th full paragraph, "Janala folding" should be "folded".

P 334, 6th paragraph, "Elhokar's suddenly pronounced".

P 469, near the bottom, "A true scholar must never close her mind close on ant topic...".

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Thanks. This is very helpful. I should have copied the TWG list out earlier, but I figured it would be there when I needed it. Oops.

I'm just glad I didn't delete the file. I almost did you know, and don't quite remember why I decided not to.

I do feel a little bad that so many other typo reports that were on TWG haven't resurfaced. I'm not sure what went wrong with the forum, but if it isn't outright full database corruption, someone who knows their way around a mysql client could probably pull the post out of the DB for you. I'm sure you have someone, but if not, I'd be happy to help.

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  • 8 months later...

Are you still looking for typos? Because I have a few in the Kindle Edition.

  • Page 648/Location 13744: Oathpact is spelled Ooathpact twice
  • Page 891/Location 18891: "They entered the staging area. Dalinar's father, in his Shardplate, was conferring with Teleb and Ilamar." Should be "Adolin's father" I think.

(Don't have a print edition to check against--I only have the Kindle edition.) I could probably find some more in my current re-read.

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Here's one from Facebook.

Ben Algar


Reading through TWoK atm. Stumbled upon something that caught my eye and felt rather clunky.

Page 66 - "The captain laughed, waving her farewell as she made her way down the gankplank, holding the railing with her Freehand..."

A brief perspective on Safehands and her dress ensues which ends in "...she carried her satchel by pressing it to her chest with her Safehand while holding the railing with her freehand."

Thought you might wanna hear about it (lol even if it's like the 200th time); I remember you saying we fans can take a Red Pen to your Books :P

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On page 49 line 4 hardcover it says. "There were ten slaves in the wagon,...".

One of the slaves dies by a cudgel so the wagon has 9 slaves in it.

Pg.99 line 2 ""Those ten," the noble woman said, raising her rod to point at Kaladin and the others from his wagon." - Shouldn't this be nine slaves? ""Those nine," the noble woman..." Continuity error?

Edited by v Sim CO
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  • 1 month later...

pg. 624, Hardcover, 1st printing, most of the way down the page

"He's thirteen," Lirin said.

Amaram glanced at him. "The surgeon. I've heard of you." He sighed, glancing back at Amaram. "I haven't the time to engage in your petty, small-town politics, cousin. Isn't there another boy that will do?"

Text is a little cumbersome there, but I think it is supposed to say glancing back at Roshone.

Edited by Voldy
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  • 5 months later...

Since I decided to follow and record so many other things as I read TWOK, I paid no attention to typos within the novel. However, I recorded many other things! I'm sincerely hopeful that what I recorded will be absorbed somehow and useful to this forum with regard to this initial novel in The Stormlight Archive.

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  • 3 weeks later...

I have those that I found when I read the massive novel marked with Post-It Notes. Nevertheless, I acknowledge that I'm a bit behind the lead in pointing these out. So, I defer to you all before me and respect your finds. If, at some later date, I find something to include, I'll definitely share it, but I sincerely think (even without looking) that members have already found everything for which I might attempt looking!

My congrats to the finders!

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I don't think anyone has mentioned these:

Page 162 (according to the "real page numbers" on my Kindle) or Location 3293 - "Gaz's eyes opened wide with shock and pain"

and yet on Page 100/Location 1951 - "He[Gaz] was missing one eye"

The next error occurs twice, Page 150/Location 3046 and Page 520/Location 10992 = "buff et" instead of "buffet", meaning something that strikes with telling force.

I submitted them as errors on my Kindle, but I'm not sure if that gets back to you.

Found some more:

Page 490/Location 10376 "buff er"->buffer

Page 530/Location 11229 "gruff er"->gruffer (I am starting to think you should check all words with a double 'f' in them)

Page 833/Location 17656 and Page 897/Location 19024 "stiff ness"->stiffness

Page 711/Location 15019 in Geranid's Interlude: "It involved some kind of curry powder and a rare Shin fruit that he'd caramelized." I think "fruit"->vegetable, see pages 711-712 "It was men's food", (meaning not sweet) "It really was fascinating the way that Shin vegetable caramelized." and "Yes, but you'd hate it. No fruit."

Page 968/Location 20549, Shallan says "I took it [Jasnah's Soulcaster] on the night when you killed those three thugs." See page 533/Location 11281, there were four thugs, not three. Jasnah turned the first one into fire, the second into quartz, and the last two into smoke.

Edited by Elisheva
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On page 3034 in my Nook edition (Chapter 70, 25th paragraph I believe). Shallan is walking down the hall with what I believe has been identified as a Garnet. Yet, it's called a "weak blue sphere". I realize that on earth, just about any gem can be just about any color depending on chemical composition; nevertheless, I find myself wondering if Brandon had intended to make it blue, or leave it the deep red of a 'classic' garnet.


EDIT: Oh, nevermind. I just went back to where this specific garnet was first introduced, in Chapter 45, in Kabsal's lantern, and the light is blue there, too. Does this mean garnets are typically blue in this world, or was this a chemical anomaly?

Edited by Darnam
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